Why Colorado is One of the Top Five Safest States for Illegal Aliens

Article author: 
Katie Spence
Article publisher: 
Maverick Observer
Article date: 
7 December 2021
Article category: 
Colorado News
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... When it comes to illegal immigration, you’ve probably heard the term “Sanctuary City” or “Sanctuary State,” bandied about by both news pundits and politicians. You may have also heard that Colorado is one of 11 states classified as a Sanctuary State...

 if a state is called a Sanctuary State, it means that the state has adopted policies, laws, ordinances, regulations, or resolutions that protect illegal immigrants from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). These policies can range from limiting cooperation with federal authorities to outright protecting illegal immigrants [illegal aliens]... 

While Colorado is one of 11 Sanctuary States, it’s considered one of the top 5 “safe” states due to the amount of protection it provides. Indeed, thanks to new laws like House Bill 19-1124, “Protect Colorado Residents from Federal Government Overreach,” some of Colorado’s immigration protections include:
  • State and local law enforcement can’t honor immigration detainers by ICE unless signed by a federal magistrate (something federal law doesn’t provide for, so, essentially, all detainers are forbidden from being honored).
  • Probation officers can’t provide personal information about an illegal immigrant to immigration authorities.
  • Before any federal interview, illegal immigrants must be advised of their Miranda Rights.

Simply put, Colorado makes it nearly impossible for state and local law enforcement to help federal authorities when it comes to detaining criminal aliens....