Why Democrats Should Read the Navarro Report

Article author: 
Kenneth R. Timmerman
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
14 January 2021
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National News
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Originally published December 24, 2020.

...  half of the population – according to a recent Rasmussen poll – believes that Donald Trump won the highest number of votes in history for the re-election of a sitting president and was cheated out of victory by overwhelming and widespread election shenanigans. An earlier poll found that even 30% of Democrats said it was likely or somewhat likely that the election was “stolen from Trump.”

As former U.S. Senate Patrick Moynihan used to say before the era of Big Tech, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own set of facts.
The report White House advisor Peter Navarro recently compiled as a private citizen should be required reading for Democrats who insist there is “no evidence” of widespread voter fraud. The Big Tech bosses who plaster disclaimers over the president’s tweets should read it, too....
For the nature of the evidence Navarro sets out – the evidence the Democrats and the media screams doesn’t exist – is glaringly obvious. As my father used to say, if it had been a bear it would have bitten you.
For example, hundreds of thousands of ineligible voters cast ballots that were counted in all six of the swing states – enough right there to tip the results in Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada to Donald Trump, putting him at 267 electoral votes....

This is election fraud at the retail level. Voting illegally, or voting twice, or in multiple states, is a felony. These allegations are easy to verify – but so far, no court has allowed the Trump team to provide the lists of voters Navarro cites. And states controlled by Democrats have systematically refused any outside examination of their voter rolls and screamed “voter suppression” whenever groups such as Judicial Watch have forced them to hand over the evidence in the courts....

Then you have the cemetery vote – at least 8,000 of them in Pennsylvania, and probably more in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Detroit – and “ghost” voters who were added to the voter rolls on Election Day by poll workers....

“This was theft by a thousand cuts across six dimensions and six battleground states rather than any one single “silver bullet” election irregularity,” Navarro concludes....


The Immaculate Deception - the Navarro Report - Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities, December 19, 2020.