Why don't muslim migrants have to quarrantine in France?

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French Government Afraid To Enforce Coronavirus Quarantine In Arab Banlieus Because Of Riot Threat
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Paul Kersey
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30 March 2020
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National News
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The Coronavirus (COVID-19 or as it should accurately be called, the China Virus) is nothing more than a stress-test for the mandated belief in “Diversity is Our Greatest Strength.”

All across the western world, we are finding out in real-time this omnipresent slogan is nothing more than a clever marketing ploy the elite running our civilization required us to regurgitate to maintain our status as respectable citizens in an otherwise inhospitable experiment...

In France, a top official in Macron’s government has said that unlike the strict measures that have been imposed on the vast majority of the country’s population, the enforcement of quarantine shouldn’t be enforced in areas heavily populated with migrants so as to avoid riots.

All of the worst aspects of the 20th century (neoliberalism’s victory of tradition, order and beauty) are on display in how the elite of the western world are dealing with the China Virus. We are finding out quickly just how far from the truth the phrase “Diversity is Our Greatest Strength” truly is, when it means simply adversity wherever diversity supplanted homogeneity....