Why Isn’t Sessions Defending Patriots’ Civil Rights Against AntiFa?

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20 September 2018
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National News
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... The survival of the historic American nation depends on addressing immigration. But according to Derbyshire and Coulter, Sessions is not only the man for the job, but the only man for the job. This is the crux of the issue. In my opinion, Sessions is neither the one man for the job, nor is he doing as good a job as they think.
Then there are the other issues where Sessions has failed. The most obvious: the Mueller witch hunt aimed at removing Trump himself from office. Sessions gave us this issue, and it is a knife aimed at the heart of immigration law enforcement. No Trump and we are back to the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, or worse.
Nothing Sessions could do at the Department of Justice could make up for losing President Trump or having his administration crippled by a Democrat Congress. And that is what the Mueller Jihad might give us.
Sessions’ decision to recuse himself is his original sin. Such original sin requires a human sacrifice for expiation. And the only sacrifice is Sessions’ doing the honorable thing, like a noble Roman, and falling on his sword.
Furthermore, Sessions is not irreplaceable. Offhand, Tom Cotton and Kris Kobach come to mind as skilled attorneys with impeccable immigration credentials. I am certain Cotton is confirmable, and is as hard line on immigration as Sessions, but made of sterner stuff.
And Sessions has not, I would argue, been that good on immigration. It took him almost two years to take any action on major immigration issues such as Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the kritarchs in the immigration courts, and criminal prosecutions of illegal aliens. And most of these he has bungled...
Additionally,  Sessions has been a complete failure on newly-emerged issues—the Deep State and domestic terrorism being at the fore...
For example, Sessions refused to fire immediately all Obama appointees at the DOJ after inauguration of President Trump. Customarily, all United States Attorneys and other political appointees in the DOJ resign before a new President is inaugurated. If they don’t, they are summarily fired by the new Attorney General. But under Jeff Sessions, that did not happen. ...
It makes one think that Sleepy Jeff is not sleepy, but actively sabotaging the Trump Administration.
I don’t call this failure as being strong on the immigration issue.
Given the emerge of a Totalitarian Left in America, domestic terrorism increasingly matters to legacy Americans. Here there have been two failures:
First, there has been no action on Civil Rights violations directed against white Americans. Thus in the Chicago Facebook Live-stream beating of a mentally disabled white man by four Blacks, the Sessions DOJ has done nothing.
Second, someone in DOJ is protecting the Communist terrorist group, Antifa, from Federal prosecution....
Time for him to resign. If he doesn’t, President Trump should fire him.