Why the Left Wants a Non-White America

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An explanation of why the Democratic party cultivates identity politics at the expense of national interest
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Hubert Collins
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American Renaissance
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11 March 2017
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Our American Future
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A recent exchange between Tucker Carlson of Fox News and Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos—“This is not a white country”—marks a significant turning point: Suddenly people on national television are talking about the end of white America, the rising tide of color, and what demographic change really means...

Entirely aside from his dreams of reconquista, Jorge Ramos and others on the left want America to become non-white so that it moves further to the left, so that Democrats can win more elections. To put it simply: Less white means more left. Leftists, particularly Hispanic ones, talk about this openly.

The Hispanic intellectual Ruy Teixeira is a good example...

In 2015, Dr. Teixeira helped put together a useful and graphics-filled guide to the increasing power of non-white voters, broken down by state, over the course of the next few decades.

Why is the left’s most important think tank tracking this?

Dr. Teixeira himself furnishes the answer. In 2002 he coauthored a book called The Emerging Democratic Majority, which argued that the Democratic Party would soon be winning election after election largely because of the increasing non-white vote...

The left has always backed demographic transformation because it makes it easier to reach their policy goals. That is why white advocacy is so overwhelmingly “conservative” today, even though it is not inherently either conservative of liberal...

Jorge Ramos and Ruy Tixiera are helping draw the battle lines, and more and more white liberals may soon learn on which side their real interest lie...




We have been aware for a long time that the Democratic party has catered to special interest groups - particually the illegal immigration lobby. This article explains how this agenda has been brought out of the shadows. The Democratic party has adopted the agenda of cultivating race-based special interest identity groups at the expense of a platform that promotes the national interests of America as a whole.

Anything for a vote.


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