Will the GOP Be Able to Keep Noncitizens Out of the Census?

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Hot Air
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10 May 2024
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National News
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To answer the title question, House Republicans are certainly giving it a try, though the prospects for success appear to be thin at best. The House GOP voted last night to add a citizenship question to the 2030 census form. If successful, this would be done with the intent of not counting noncitizens [illegal aliens] in each state's total population when those figures are used to determine and apportion seats in the House as well as the distribution of federal funding. It's a worthy goal...

Democrats hate this idea and don't seem to like talking about it. That's because warping the census in their favor has been one of the driving reasons behind Biden's open border policies from the beginning. You let ten million illegal aliens into the country and encourage them to all move to blue states. It's a painful, destructive process as we've seen over the past few years, not to mention being illegal. But if it works, then the Democrats will take more seats in the House and a larger share of federal funding after the next census. That's been the plan all along...


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