Woke Salvation Army Asks Donors to Offer ‘Sincere Apology’ for Whiteness

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Watch out who you donate to
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Hannah Bleau
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26 November 2021
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National News
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Watch out who you donate to this holiday season.


The Salvation Army has followed the lead of other woke organizations in entering the establishment media-manufactured race war and is asking donors to offer a “sincere apology” for whiteness, as detailed in a resource guide “developed to guide The Salvation Army family in gracious discussions about overcoming the damage racism has inflicted upon our world.”

The Salvation Army’s International Social Justice Commission crafted the guidance, which seeks to urge donors to “understand and acknowledge the definitions of race and racism and how the social construct of race has affected society” and ultimately “lament, repent and apologize for biases or racist ideologies held and actions committed.”...
Notably, while lamenting such purported, widespread divisions, the guide specifically instructs donors to “stop trying to be ‘colorblind”...
Notably, Chick-fil-A made waves in 2019 after pulling its donations from the charity...