The Zeroth Amendment

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Issue of the Century
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Steve Sailer
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Taki's Magazine
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20 July 2017
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Our American Future
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A little-known survey revealed the single most decisive reason Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton: White Democrats have drifted into ideological extremism over not regulating immigration...

I’ve been pointing out for the past few years that American elites are mindlessly floating toward an unspoken belief in the sacredness of what I call the Zeroth Amendment: that American citizens should get no say in who gets to move to America because huddled masses of non-Americans possess civil rights to immigrate, no questions asked. And this Zeroth Amendment overrides the obsolete First Amendment, so you aren’t allowed to question it...

A federal circuit judge has since discovered hidden in the emanations and penumbras of the Constitution the Zeroth Amendment: “The President shall enforce no law respecting an establishment of borders, or prohibiting the free crossing thereof.” (The Supreme Court doesn’t yet agree,..

As you know and I know, this latest Democratic orthodoxy is innumerate lunacy. There are 21.7 foreigners on Earth for every resident of America. For the American majority to lose our Constitutional right to control the quantity and quality of immigration would be the absolute ruin of the American republic.

In a July 13 article calling for open borders, The Economist magazine noted:

Gallup, a pollster, estimated in 2013 that 630m people—about 13% of the world’s population—would migrate permanently if they could, and even more would move temporarily…. So the Gallup numbers could just as well be too low. Today there are 1.4bn people in rich countries and 6bn in not-so-rich ones. It is hardly far-fetched to imagine that, over a few decades, a billion or more of those people might emigrate if there were no legal obstacle to doing so.

Not so amusingly, open borders, combined with the African population explosion, would devastate whichever country was so foolish as to adopt it...

Rigging the electoral process is obviously unethical, so Democrats and their PR flacks in the press constantly denounce as the epitome of immorality any stirrings of resistance. Thus, you hear over and over about the plagues of white privilege and racism, while the topic of how the Democrats are trying to steal the country through foreign collusion is left unmentioned. The best defense is a good offense...

...  this question isn’t about whether the majority in a particular country has the right to limit immigration, but whether whites should possess democratic rights like everybody else.

The Current Year’s short answer: no.
It’s the new White Man’s Burden. In 1899, it was to invade the world. In 2017, the White Man’s Burden is to invite the world.