No vaccines, including Polio, have ever been federally mandated

This article presents information compiled by an anonymous CAIRCO researcher.

Video: Biden regime no longer pro-choice re: experimental medications

Fox News via Vlad Tepes blog
Friday, July 9, 2021
National News

This is an important video: Biden regime is no longer pro-choice in terms of taking experimental medications.

Video: Dutch vaccine passport phone app: closer to digital dictatorship

Thierry Baudet: Vaccine passports are a step towards mass surveillance
Forum for Democracy International
Monday, June 28, 2021
National News


CAIRCO note: It has been interesting to watch how predominantly Democrat-controlled states, and now the Democrat federal government, have capitalized on fear of the China virus in order to mandate quarrantine of the healthy, wearing of porous masks, and "voluntary" injections of experimental mRNA material.  

State health department to start calling people who aren't vaccinated

This certainly raises privacy concerns
9 news
Saturday, June 19, 2021
Colorado News
Colorado residents who aren't vaccinated can expect to see their phones light up next week with an unfamiliar number that does not, for once, belong to a robocaller.

What If the “Big Lie” Is the Big Lie?

Lew Rockwell
Saturday, June 5, 2021
Our American Future

Maybe now that Dr. Tony Fauci has begun to spill the beans on his doings in service to the Wuhan virology lab...

Time to stop masking the real science

Updated May 14, 2021.

Video: Naomi Wolf sounds alarm on Vaccine passports, says “This is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned”

Conservative Opinion
Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Our American Future

Appearing with Steve Hilton on Fox News, Naomi Wolf warned “I can not say this forcefully enough: This is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned.”

Naomi Wolf on the ten steps to close down an open Western society

The Vlad Tepes Blog has done a good job of covering political aspects of the China virus. I came across the following post and video. I did a DuckDuckGo search and found Wikipedia's first sentence on her brands her as a conspiracy theorist.

Democrat stimulus: costs $69k per family; only 9% to combatting China Virus

This is Cloward-Piven in action: draining America dry
Washington Examiner
Thursday, March 11, 2021
National News

The combined $6 trillion price tag on the COVID-19 stimulus packages OK’d by Congress, including Wednesday’s $1.9 trillion Biden bill, will cost taxpayers the equivalent of $17,000 each, or $69,000 per family, according to a new analysis....

What pandemic?


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