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ICE arrests and removals up in Colorado

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Shanna Grove
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December 7, 2017
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Colorado News
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The Department of Homeland Security released immigration enforcement statistics Tuesday that offer a more in-depth look at immigration enforcement under the Trump administration ...

ICE administrative arrests are up around 20 percent in Colorado and Wyoming from FY 2016, and removals increased 145 percent from last year.

The following numbers show the arrests and removals from past three years for the Denver Area of Responsibility, which includes both Colorado and Wyoming.

•    FY 2017 Denver AOR Admin arrests:  2,746,   Removals:  2,535
•    FY 2016 Denver AOR Admin arrests:  2,284,   Removals:  1,033
•    FY 2015 Denver AOR Admin arrests:  2,351,   Removals:  1,156

Administrative arrests mean no criminal prosecution was associated with the arrest ...



Obama blocked deportation of 550,000 illegals, more than Atlanta's population, Washington Examiner, December 6, 2017.