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Remember 1986!

No matter what they call it, path to citizenship equals legalization equals amnesty for illegal aliens.

Before and after the 2007 amnesty defeat Remember the 1986 amnesty? The 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens was clearly stated by Congress to be a "one time only" amnesty. Yet Congress has since passed a total of 7 amnesties for illegal aliens. In 2007, Kennedy and McCain floated an amnesty for illegal aliens. It collapsed due to conservative Republican opposition and immense pressure from the American people who saw it for the sham that it was.

House Speaker Boehner has said that getting a House amnesty bill to conference committee is essentially dead in 2014. But the amnesty effort will continue. Boehner said the House will continue to move on a piecemeal approach toward amnesty for illegal alien job seekers, and there is talk of pro-amnesty elected public servants - including our President - trying to enact a "kids" amnesty in the near future.

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