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Tree Company Fined Whopping $95 Million for Hiring Illegal Aliens

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High-level managers knowingly rehired alienswith fraudulent documents, according to DHS investigators
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Where is mandatory e-Verify, which we desperately need?
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October 3, 2017
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National News
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The tree-trimming company Asplundh Tree Expert has been hit with a $95 million fine for knowingly hiring illegal [alien] immigrants and for bringing on some under different names who used documents it knew were fraudulent.
It is the largest fine ever in an immigration case in the U.S.
Asplundh pleaded guilty to criminal charges in federal court in Pennsylvania, where it is headquartered, admitting that its managers restructured the company's hiring specifically to evade normal human resources processes and hire illegal aliens, many by word-of-mouth, while giving top-level managers deniability...