What a Difference 100 Days Makes

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Assessing the Trump Administration's Immigration Track Record
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Center for Immigration Studies
Article date: 
April 29, 2017
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National News
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The first 100 days of the Trump administration are upon us, with all of the hype and freighted expectations usual for the first period of a new presidency, even when accomplishing long-term goals or structural changes is completely unrealistic in such a short time.
Overall, the administration so far has done well. Though there is much yet to be achieved, and in some areas campaign promises have not been met, a significant amount has been done, or at least started down the right path. Viewed against the backdrop of the Obama administration's eight-year history of deliberately ruinous immigration policies, this is impressive. What a difference 100 days can make.
This overview provides no grade or score for the administration's performance. Instead, we consider developments in the following areas:
  •     Illegal immigration, border control, and crime;
  •     Legal immigration and foreign workers;
  •     National security and vetting; and
  •     The rule of law.
The administration's efforts at implementing its immigration agenda has been, and will continue to be, met at every step with determined resistance, not least by using "lawfare" through the federal court system. It is the equivalent of trench warfare, and the Trump White House will be obliged to show equal determination, and a long-term strategic and tactical commitment to defending itself against the lawsuits with sufficient and well-prepared legal resources in order to prevail. It might also steal a chapter from that playbook, and strategically initiate some of its own in judicial districts and circuits which are likely to support key initiatives, and which will drain the coffers, time, and energy of open borders advocacy groups in defending against the lawsuits, in the same way that they are attempting to do against the government and its resources...
A public that "hired" Donald Trump as president will have little tolerance for inactivity from our lawmakers if the result is that critical reforms don't take place...