Canada's self-destructive mass immigration, hyper diversity, and demographic replacement

Video: Black Pigeon Speaks on the decline of Canada via mass immigration

Citizenship and the Nation-State

Without the natural right principles of the founding, the nation has no future but dissolution and anarchy.
American Greatness
Sunday, December 27, 2020
Our American Future

This brilliant essay is adapted and expanded from The United States in Crisis, (The Claremont Institute $12.99). Excerpts from the essay are included below.


The Sierra Club devours its own

For the love of money

It's common knowledge that the Sierra Club sold out to the tune of $100 million in 1996. Big bucks motivated the club to abandon its traditional population policy, which acknowledged immigration as a prime contributing component to America's population growth.

The Social Justice Endgame - What do social justice warriors want?

Claremont Review of Books
Monday, May 11, 2020
Our American Future

... The manifold contradictions of identity politics invite us to look beyond the misleading kumbaya rhetoric and examine its actual goals. There is one question in particular the identitarians are careful to avoid, as it goes to the heart of their project....

Witnessing the rapid balkanization of America

If you look across the American landscape in 2020, you might notice half of America dislikes the other half. Half of our U.S. Congress dislikes the other half, so much so, they’re doing nothing to further the interests of the American people. It’s called, “legislative gridlock.”

Elites ignore Africa's overpopulation problem

Population pressure is a fundamental driving factor behind mass immigration. Excess population from high fertility overpopulated countries migrate to developed countries with low fertility rates. For example, African and Mideast migration into Europe.

Twin Peaks' teacher among group being naturalized Tuesday at school ceremony

The Twin Peaks Charter School teacher will be naturalized Tuesday night after she relocated to Hungary to wait for her U.S. citizenship.
CAIRCO notes the huge difference between law abiding respectful immigrants and illegal aliens.
9 News
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Colorado News

For Carla Puky, Tuesday was a day she won't forget.

After years of waiting for her green card, the Spanish teacher was naturalized as a United States citizen Tuesday night at Twin Peaks Charter School in Longmont where she teaches...

The Case for National Realism

Diversity is the hallmark of empires, not democracies.
City Journal
Monday, September 30, 2019
Our American Future


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