Progressive race baiting

I recently came across an article that corrects some popular misunderstandings about race and slavery in America. There is a parallel between the Progressives' amplified use of race and their use of identity politics and immigration to divide America.

Time to Remove Socialist “Huddled Masses” Plaque from Statue of Liberty

Canada Free Press
Friday, February 2, 2018
National News

With storied statues having come down from sea to shining sea the past year, it’s time for the same to happen with something somewhat newer: the socialist-born plaque in the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal...

When corporations rule the internet

Back in the 1990's, I read When Corporations Rule the World, by David C. Korten. I thought: yeah, right, it won't really happen here.

Heartlanders Reject Trump’s Amnesty for Dreamers

Limits to Growth
Monday, January 29, 2018
National News

How Conservatives Are Being Destroyed by Facebook, Twitter and Google Without Even Realizing It

Saturday, January 13, 2018
National News
Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one."
- A. J. Liebling

Today, as you read this, my website Right Wing News is shutting down operations. It has been around since 2001, but became massive a few years ago because of Facebook.

Google’s New ‘Fact-Check Feature’ Targets Conservative Sites

Geller Report
Wednesday, January 10, 2018
National News

Further proof of what I have been documenting for the past year: the social media giants’ war on freedom and truth.

California critic of Islam gets Slapped in the

It appears that the People's Republic of California has enacted anti-First Amendment legislation. Speak openly and truthfully - albeit politically incorrectly - about an issue and you'll get sued - that is, SLAPPED down.

America is morphing Into a lawless country

Without laws to create civil societies, no city, no state, no nation, no people and no civilization can long endure the vagaries of lawlessness.


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