Western Civilization

Defend America - Defeat Multiculturalism

Dismantle the defeatist deadly dogma of duplicitous diversity
Thursday, August 22, 2019
Our American Future

Undermining our Constitutional Republic

For two generations, our government-mandated public schools and our colleges have focused increasingly on teaching a) that America is a fatally-flawed nation, b) that all cultures are equal except for America'a culture, and c) that Western Civilization is a blight upon mankind.

Did Islam Have Anything to Do With It?

There may be non-violent Muslims - that is individuals who practice the religion of Islam. However, Islam itself is an integrated religious, cultural, and political system.

U.S. Isn't Becoming Europe - We're Becoming Rome

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
Our American Future

... On account of a mass immigration policy imposed on us by our government, the United States has undergone a transformation unprecedented in all of world history. 

Australia's diversity dogma

The dreadful dogma of diversity has plagued Western nations for decades. We see the results in Europe with rapes and murders committed by 'diverse' refugees.


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