America's Bald Eagle In The Coal Mine

You've heard the old saying, "The warning comes from the canary in the coal mine." When miners took a canary into a coal mine, they knew that if it continued to chirp, it meant the air was breathable. If it died, it meant they had struck a methane gas seam that would kill all of them. For certain, mining was/is a deadly business.

Is anyone in America paying attention to the "canary in the coal mine" or as I would say, "Are we paying attention to our country in order for it to survive to mid-century?"

America's most famous Sunday night program, "60 Minutes" presented a sobering look into America's and the world's future. That program on January 2, 2023 covered the animal extinction rates in America and worldwide. As our human population continues expanding, animal and plant life dwindles rapidly.

"The next few decades will be the end of the kind of civilization we're used to. Humanity is consuming 175 percent of what the earth can regenerate. Our current way of life is unsustainable."

"Biodiversity is declining faster now than during any time in human history, and the decline is still accelerating. In the past 50 years alone, vertebrate wildlife populations have shrunk by almost 70% and an estimated one million species are now threatened with extinction." London Garden, August 17, 2021

That's pretty sobering information. In my world travels, I've seen it firsthand as I have scuba dived all the oceans of the world, except the Arctic Ocean. What I saw in 1963?and now what I see in 2023 completely stuns me and numbs my mind. In 1963, I witnessed sheer beauty in the Galapagos Island, Great Barrier Reef, Hawaiian Islands, Indian Ocean off the west coast of Australia, the Great Lakes, Southern Ocean and much more. In 2023, 5.5 trillion pieces of plastic - with 8.0 million more pieces added 24/7 - kill millions of seabirds, whales, sharks, dolphins, turtles and SO many marine life creatures. It's beyond sickening and disgusting that humans won't stop growing the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" that holds 100 million tons of plastic floating like an island in the Pacific Ocean. It's upwards of 30 to 90 feet deep and stretches for hundreds of miles.

The easiest solution would be a worldwide $1.00 container deposit-return law. That would ensure 99 percent return and recycle. We knew about it 30 years ago, but have done nothing at the United Nations nor here in the USA.

Washington DC columnist Don Collins said, "Elon Musk reports that if all motor vehicles ran on electricity, the fossil fuel dilemma would be over. His ingenuity, laudable as it surely is, does not tell us how we feed 8 billion people as we add 80 million yearly, on a planet whose sustainable population is estimated by numerous scientists to be no more than 3 billion. Experts predict 3 billion more will be added by 2100."

In 2005, I attended a conference in Washington DC where the late Harvard Biologist Edward O. Wilson said, "With current human growth and encroachment on ocean and wilderness habitat, we can expect to cause the extinction of 1/3 of all vertebrate life by 2050 and over 1/2 by the of the end of this century."

For certain, I wrote about it in my latest book, America's Overpopulation Predicament: Blindsiding Future Generations. I sent copies to "60 Minutes" producers, NPR, PBS and 30 other news outlets to obtain an interview, but they wouldn't touch it. Ironically, I've seen those extinction rates manifest beneath the ocean waves, across the Amazon, across the Outback, across Asia, and across America.

What have I noticed? There are some powerful forces in Washington DC and the mainstream media that don't want any Americans to be educated as to what's coming. I've always said that you can avoid reality for a long time, but at some point, reality won't ignore you.

Crazy as it seems, the genius of Elon Musk wants to save us from carbon footprint, but he demands massive population increases. In one area of technology, he's a genius. In the area of environmental science, he rates an IQ between a toothpick and a blade of grass.

At the same time, Joe Biden promised to never drill for oil in Alaska. He thinks we can keep taking it from the Middle East. But guess what? He just signed a bill to drill in Alaska!

Lost in this insane shuffle shows Biden doesn't possess a clue as to what he is doing. He just added 10 million legal and illegal immigrants and their offspring to America in the past 26 months. He's about to double that in the next 20 months. They ALL burn energy and accelerate climate change.

We're now experiencing the "Sixth Extinction Session" that's causing the eradication of an average of 100 creatures daily being wiped out. There are an estimated five million species on earth currently. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, over 26,500 species are on the verge of extinction. The IUCN has accessed only 106,000 species out of 1.5 million animal species. The actual number of species facing extinction is likely much higher. According to a recent report, an estimated 1.0 million animal and plant species face extinction.

As we break down the animal kingdom, as well as the insects, and the entire web of life, I can't help but wonder when our species will take its turn in the "Sixth Extinction Session?" Will the Bald Eagle survive? Can you and I ignore reality until it won't ignore us?