Book review: Who We Are and How We Got Here

I recently finished the book Who We Are and How We Got Here, by David Reich.

Reich is a scientist conducting research on the cutting edge of genetic research. His focus is determining the history of human migrations, human populations, and race from genetic analysis. He appears to be an excellent scientist. His book is oriented towards the lay person, yet contains a plenitude of detailed analysis of genetic makeup of population clusters around the world. I ended up skimming through some of those chapters.

The results of Reich's research indicates that human history has involved substantial migration and intermixing. Our history is not as simplistic and clean-cut as we have thought. Reich observes that the science of genetic research is advancing quickly, and that societies should not attempt to censor the results of this research.

Reich's writing style is a bit dry. At the end he interleaves scientific statements with politically correct platitudes, probably as an attempt to appease the thought police at Harvard.

We're entering a new era of race realism based on incontrovertible scientific analysis. This is a good thing and will serve to deflate the bubble of political correctness, groupthink, censorship, and mass hysteria that dominates society today.

Here is a more in-depth review of the book: Ideology Beats Reality In Reich's Who We Are and How We Got Here, by John Derbyshire, Unz Review, April 19, 2018

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