Buttigieg Blasts America's Founding Father Thomas Jefferson

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Virtue signaling is becoming a perilous impediment to the progressive left.

At this point, it's pretty clear that Democrat hopeful Pete Buttigeig's decidedly leftist / progressive electoral policies have gelled. Buttigieg recently opined that references to Thomas Jefferson should be removed from the public square. Why? Buttigieg stated:

Jefferson’s more problematic. You know, there’s a lot to, of course, admire in his thinking and his philosophy. Then again, as you plunge into his writings, especially the notes on the state of Virginia, you know that he knew that slavery was wrong.…"

Buttigieg's profound display of ignorance and disdain for our country's founding principles uniquely disqualify him as a serious contender for any public office.

It is precisely because of the forward thinking of our country's founders that slavery could be eradicated from America.

William Sullivan explains in the May 24, 2019 American Thinker article, Americans Are in Desperate Need of a Lesson on the History of Slavery:

...But interestingly, Buttigieg has unknowingly pinpointed precisely why Thomas Jefferson should be eternally revered by our society, which believes that enslaving other human beings is wrong.

That is, that Jefferson knew that it was wrong at the time.

Thomas Sowell explains, brilliantly as ever:

Of all the tragic facts about the history of slavery, the most astonishing to an American today is that, although slavery was a worldwide institution for thousands of years, nowhere in the world was slavery a controversial issue prior to the 18th century[.] ...

Everyone hated the idea of being a slave but few had any qualms about enslaving others. Slavery was just not an issue, not even among intellectuals, much less among political leaders, until the 18th century — and only then in Western civilization.

Among those who turned against slavery in the 18th century were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and other American leaders. You could research all of 18th century Africa or Asia or the Middle East without finding any comparable rejection of slavery there.

In other words, these prominent men having turned against an institution that had been normal throughout human history was an expression of a revolutionary idea. To imagine that the idea that slavery is morally wrong would be embraced by everyone overnight, in such a world, is nothing short of childish fantasy.

The Founders knew that such change would require not only time, but a practical argument against the institution as well....

The Founders rejected slavery as a moral evil, certainly. They also recognized its economical inefficiency, and perhaps most importantly, they scribed the precepts that would end it into our Constitution.

The Constitution etched in stone a prohibition on the importation of slaves from the year 1808 onward. Why would the Founders commit to such a strict prohibition if they intended for America to be a slaveholding nation in perpetuity? The document implements few absolute prohibitions on all the new States, so that answer is simple. They wouldn't....

Perhaps, rather than focusing on the fact that some Founders owned slaves, we would do better to remember their uniqueness in morally opposing slavery in their time and for having presented the economic formula through which it was expunged from American society forever.

In today's political arena where American History is barely touched upon in our public schools, perhaps we shouldn't expect more from a small-town politician.

At least we can say he's consistent. Buttigieg recently proclaimed: America is not full - send more immigrants to South Bend. This is sheer insanity. Democrat so-called "leaders" want to import a new underclass of immigrants who will ultimately vote for the Democrat party.

Yep. Small town small-minded virtue signaling. We should expect more of the same.


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South Bend mayor supports illegal aliens: South Bend ID cards aim to ease life for undocumented immigrants, South Bend Tribune, December 16, 2016:

... Democratic Mayor Pete Buttigieg posed for a picture to have his SB ID card made Thursday....

"Something like a municipal ID or city ID, that allows you to be a card-carrying member of the city of South Bend, is an important thing that allows people to be better included and to be more empowered,” Buttigieg said. “We have got to make sure that the city is supporting everyone who lives here."

Buttigieg: ICE Carries Out ‘Inhumane,’ ‘Illegal’ Policiesm Breitbart, June 4, 2019.

South Bend Police Blast Pete Buttigieg for Using Shooting ‘Solely for his Political Gain’, Breitbart, June 25, 2019.

South Bend’s Violent Crime Rate Continues to Spike Under Pete Buttigieg, Breitbart, July 9, 2019:

... Data from the South Bend police and “figures on 2018 and the first four months of 2019 [that] were released in the public minutes,” shows violent crime is unlike anything the city has seen prior to 2000....

The biggest problems in South Bend during Buttigieg’s tenure have been aggravated assaults and rape, which many blame on Buttigieg’s data driven approach to crime and his decision to “cut its drug unit and traffic bureau cut down the department’s ability to take preventative measures against violent crime.”...

Problems between South Bend’s citizens and its police department began with Buttigieg’s lame-brained decision in 2013 to fire his black police chief, Darryl Boykins....

This racial brouhaha would eventually involve others and the city settled with Boykins and others for $575,000....

And so, what we have here is just more proof that Buttigieg is a phony phenom fabricated by an identity politics-obsessed media attracted to Buttigieg only because he’s openly gay, a slick talker....

Politically, his biggest problem is that voters see right through a fake news media desperate to prop him up as a White Obama....


Buttigieg vs. Biden on pandering to the crazy base, by Benjamin Horvath, American Thinker, June 23, 2019:

Last Sunday evening, a 54-year-old black American man named Eric Logan was killed at the hands of a South Bend police officer....

But South Bend mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's handling of this matter has been totally bungled by his kowtowing to the radicals in his party....

The optics were terrible for Mr. Buttigieg, who donned a clean, white shirt and tie, which clashed with the dozens of protesters — most of whom were casually dressed, lower-income black Americans. The strange scene illustrated something that has become increasingly clear: today's Democratic Party is composed of sects and groups whose only shared characteristic is that they vote Democrat in November*....


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Buttigieg: ICE Raids Make America ‘Less Safe’, Breitbart, July 11, 2019. Small-minded bigot Buttigieg is allergic to immigration law enforcement.

Buttigieg’s ‘Douglass Plan’ Addresses Racism, Black Diabetes, Childbirth Inequities, Breitbart, July 11, 2019: His “Douglass Plan” aims to establish a $10 billion fund for black entrepreneurs over five years, invest $25 billion in historically black colleges, legalize marijuana, expunge past drug convictions, reduce the prison population by half and pass a new Voting Rights Act to further empower the federal government to ensure voting access.

Buttigieg’s pander: a Marshall Plan for black America, by Paul Mirengoff, Powerline, July 11, 2019: he’s just another left-wing Democrat, distinguished from the rest of the field primarily because he happens to be gay.... Buttigieg has responded to his woes by shamelessly pandering to African-Americans.... Buttigieg abandons the concept of personal responsibility. He lowers standards of personal behavior for no reason other than that blacks aren’t meeting them as successfully as other Americans. He wants radically to restructure American life for the same reason....

Buttigieg: White Supremacy Threatens to End United States, Breitbart, July 21, 2019. One might question exactly which demographic Buttigieg is pandering to, and why.*

Pete Buttigieg: White Nationalism the Most Deadly Form of Terrorism in the United States, Breitbart, July 24, 2019: "Mayor Pete Buttigieg continues warning of the rising threat of white nationalism, telling voters in Iowa over the weekend he believed that it was the most deadly form of terrorism in the United States.... Buttigieg did not compare statistics between violent attacks from white nationalists in the United States and attacks conducted or inspired by radical Islamic terrorists such as the 2,977 Americans killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the San Bernardino shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, or the shooting at a military base in Fort Hood, Texas."

Buttigieg running for president. He's white. Doesn't that make him a white nationalist?

Pete Buttigieg: Black Voter Suppression ‘Made My Life Worse’, Breitbart, July 27, 2019: South Bend, Indiana, Mayor and 2020 White House hopeful Pete Buttigieg said Friday that black voter suppression made his life “worse,” suggesting it was one of the factors behind President Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016.... Buttigieg then accused President Trump of being racist, despite his long-standing commitment to helping the African-American community and other minority groups dating back to his days as a real estate developer in the 1980s.... Buttigieg has faced intense scrutiny back home last month over his handling of a police shooting of Eric Logan, a black man.

Which explains Buttigieg's pandering for the black vote.

Yet a recent UPenn Study on Racism in Trump Era Smashes the Left’s Narrative, Campus Reform, July 24, 2019.

Buttigieg: Trump So Divisive He Might Do ‘More Harm’ by Visiting El Paso, Dayton, Breitbart, August 7, 2019: Buttigieg said, “A mayor customarily greets a president. But this shouldn’t— under a healthy presidency, this shouldn’t even be a question or problem. You should be able to feel like a president of either party, whether you agree with them or not, coming to your city is an honor. Unfortunately, this president has so divided Americans, that it’s really hard to say whether his upcoming visits will do more good or more harm. We’re just going to have to see what happens tomorrow.”

Buttigieg's statement reiterates Democrats' big lie - that President Trump is dividing the nation. In reality the radical Democrat party has done everything in its power to divide America in order to further their political agenda. See Fascism - a phenomenon of the left

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Pete Buttigieg: ‘Sense of Calm’ My Biggest Strength for Job of President, Breitbart, September 11, 2019: "When elected president, he said he would first propose an agenda to abolish the electoral college and address climate change.... “We don’t have a moment to lose,” he said."

Pete Buttigieg: Anyone Who Supports Trump ‘Is Supporting Racism’, Breitbart, September 13, 2019: 'During Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg said President Donald Trump’s supporters were “supporting racism.”... He added, “The only people, though, who actually buy into this president’s hateful rhetoric around immigrants [and presumably illegal aliens] are people who don’t know any. We have an opportunity to build an American majority around immigration reform.”' Note that immigration reform is code for amnesty for illegal aliens and nullification of America's immigration laws.

Pete Buttigieg: Dumbest Ever Smart Person?, by Rich Logis, American Thinker, September 12, 2019: "... Buttigieg could have been the face that helped persuade our young and minorities to better comprehend that Democrats are the U.S.'s original hate group, who care only about conquering the rest of us, and who want us living in fear of government — one of the precursors to tyranny...."

Buttigieg Announces Plan For Nationwide 'Mentorship' Program to Connect LGBT Youth With Politicians - which many are suggesting sounds like a state-sponsored grooming program, InformationLiberation, October 11, 2019.

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