The closing of the liberal mind and the globalist agenda

I grew up a liberal Democrat. I couldn't help it - that was just the environment in which I was raised.

Back in the late 1980's I realized that the Democrat party no longer represented my core values and interests - they had sold out, just as the Republican party has sold out to big business interests. Both parties want open borders, no matter what the impact on Americans and America's future.

Except for Trump, of course, which is why he is so hated by the elite members of his own party.

The liberalism I grew up with embraced running a small business, fairness across all strata of society, and helping those who are truly in need. I saw the liberalism of the 1960s as a rebellion against the status quo, and the desire to manifest individual freedom as the antithesis of personal responsibility.

Today's liberalism is only remotely related to the liberalism I once knew. It is ominously authoritarian and closed minded and has become a useful cornerstone of the globalist agenda. It cultivates squabbling factions of identity politics as a means to divert and divide.

How did this change occur? The book, The Closing of the Liberal Mind, by Kim R. Holmes, explains what transpired. The following video interview with Kim R. Holmes presents an excellent summary of the points he makes in the book:



In "The Closing of the Liberal Mind: How Groupthink and Intolerance Define the Left," author Kim Holmes reveals how liberals in America have abandoned their traditions and have become a force for denying people’s rights and freedoms.

The closing of the liberal mind is threatening not only free speech and freedom of conscience, but constitutional rights that at one time had been among America’s greatest causes. It is upending the very constitutional order that once was the bastion of American freedom and equality, which in the end is not only a threat to the country but to liberalism itself.


Holmes' book sheds light on how the progressive liberal elite no longer adhere to the traditional principles of liberalism. It also helps explain how the average liberal on the street is hoodwinked into accepting the modern progressive paradigm which is aligned with communism and fascism.

What happened to my own political position? As a conservationist, I realized that by definition, I was a conservative. I've come to realize that the societal impact of immigration-driven population growth on Western Civilization is at least as significant as the environmental impact. Preserving our once great nation against the onslaught of groupthink and globalism is of paramount importance.

Author's note: my intent in writing this article is not to offend those who hold traditional liberal values while opposing mass illegal immigration. Rather, it is to illuminate how modern progressive liberalism has veered so far from those traditional values.


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