Communist Constant Contact cancels CAIRCO account - Marxists are on a real roll! What fun!


On July 29, 2018, Konstant Kontact (oops - that's Constant Contact) sent CAIRCO the following email:

This message is being sent to inform you that your Constant Contact account with the username xxxxxx has been canceled pursuant to Constant Contact’s Prohibited Content and Commerce Statement.

Constant Contact has received third party complaints about the email campaigns that you are sending through your Constant Contact account. Our Prohibited Content and Commerce Statement states that, in an effort to maintain the highest levels of email delivery and IP reputation, as well as to adhere to various state, federal, and international laws, we prohibit the use of our websites or any of our products or services by any person or organization that “Provides or posts any material that is grossly offensive, including blatant expressions of bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred or excessive profanity or that is obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing or otherwise objectionable.”

These types of email campaigns frequently trigger spam complaints, adversely affecting Constant Contact’s reputation and ability to deliver email. Upon review, we have determined that your account violates our Prohibited Content and Commerce Statement. As a result, your account has been canceled.

You can still log in to your account until 08/02/2018, so you can export your contact lists. We highly encourage you to export your opt-outs (from your Do Not Mail list). Federal law requires that you honor all opt-out requests indefinitely, regardless of future mailing platforms, unless you receive a new explicit opt-in request for that address.

We also processed a refund of $217.38 for your payment dated 1/28/2018.

To review Constant Contact’s Terms and Conditions or Prohibited Content and Commerce Statement, please see the links below:

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any concerns. Thank you,
Constant Contact
Phone: US: 866-433-8499 or Int: 339-222-5900


Oh, golly! The thought police sure strung a lot of deprecatory words together in their haughty, sweeping indictment. Guess you can't be too careful when you're going for full outright censorship. And more important: there only three months until the midterm election. Time to shut down American patriots and force them back to the era of typewriters and mimeograph.

Those who read alerts know that CAIRCO has not sent anything along the lines of Konstant Kontact's accusation.

But we most definitively disdain bigoted thought police, Marxists, Communists, and Leftists. In particular, we loathe those would censor discussion in support of America as a sovereign nation with both the right and the obligation to fully control its borders and immigration policies.

Perhaps we should appeal to the Communist Konstant Contact Kangaroo Court? It might be fun, but nahhh - we'd rather spend our time fighting for America.

Not happy with Communist Constant Contact? Contact them:
Contact Constant Contact CEO Jonathan Kateman by email at, through LinkedIn, or
Phone Constant Contact headquarters at: 781-472-8100.
866-433-8499 or Int: 339-222-5900


This is the last email CAIRCO sent out before being cancelled:

From: Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform <>
Reply-To: cair_cc_reply_....
Sender: Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform <>
To: ...
Subject: CAIRCO Update: frothing fascists attack free speech
List-Unsubscribe: <

We are sending you this email because you have signed up for CAIRCO alerts. Please confirm your continued interest in receiving email from us.

You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our emails.


July 29, 2018

Dear ....,

The frothing fascists who have invaded corporate America have taken another bite at free speech. The bulk email service Constant Contact has terminated the account. is named after Virginia Dare, the first English child to be born in the New World. She was born August 18, 1587 into community on Roanoke Island off the North Carolina coast that would later be known to history as the "Lost Colony."

In the July 28, 2018 article, CONSTANT CONTACT cancels, Lydia Brimelow writes:

A couple of days previous, I became aware that our e-bulletins... were undelivered. The last time this happened it was the result of a major list expansion triggering a "best practices" review. I had called them up and passed the review with flying colors.

But that was not what happened this time. Instead, the woman representative that I got immediately informed me that my account had been canceled because, and I quote, "We no longer...we don't service your industry."

I was puzzled. "What industry? You don't service non-profits?"

"No," she said, "white supremacy."

"White supremacy" is an "industry" now. And we are supposed to be part of it!...

Corporate Marxists are trying really hard to send patriots, immigration sanity proponents, and those who study race relations back to the days of typewriters and mimeograph. Especially during the next few months leading up to the 2018 midterm elections.

Not happy with Communist Constant Contact? Contact them: Contact Constant Contact CEO Jonathan Kateman by email at, through LinkedIn, or phone Constant Contact headquarters at: 781-472-8100.

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Media Bias, Censorship, and Corporate Political Correctness Run Amuck