Excellent videos of conferences including Tom Tancredo

I recently attended two annual immigration conferences in DC. They were great events and links to selected videos of the presenters are included below.

Social Contract Writers Workshop

The quarterly Social Contract Journal examines trends, events, and ideas that have an impact on America's delicate social fabric. The journal focuses on immigration, population, language, and assimilation, culture, and national unity considerations. I have had a few articles published in the journal.

The annual Writers Workshop draws a diverse array of people from around the country. Videos of the presentations are noted below - click on the links to view the videos.

View the Introduction by Director K.C. McAlpin

The Past and Future Role of Immigration in U.S. Population Growth
by Marilyn DeYoung, Californians for Population Stabilization
Playing Major League Baseball - A Job Americans Won't Do?
by Joe Guzzardi, Californians for Population Stabilization Senior Writing Fellow,
Society for American Baseball
Geo Destinies in the Coming Age of Geo Scarcity
by Leon Kolankiewicz, Californians for Population Stabilization,
Chris Clugston, author of "Scarcity - Humanity's Final Chapter?", and
Thomas Whipple, Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas
The Case Against Free Trade
by Ian Fletcher, Coalition for a Prosperous America, Author of "Free Trade Doesn't Work"
How Do We Build a Post Racial Society?
by Ward Connerly, American Civil Rights Institute
Transformers - Great Movie Characters, Lousy Politicians
by Tom Tancredo, Former Congressman:
Handcuffing ICE to Dream about Amnesty
by Jessica Vaughan, Center for Immigration Studies
European and Israeli Responses to Illegal Immigration
by Peter Brimelow, VDARE

The videos of Tom Tancrdo's excellent presentation are also directly viewable below.



Progressives For Immigration Reform Third Annual Immigration Conference

Progressives for Immigration Reform hosted their third annual Immigration Conference in DC several weeks ago. Panelists and topics included:

Margaret Orchowski, Hispanic Outlook Magazine: “Politics, Immigration and the 2012 Presidential Election”. View Margaret Orchowski’s presentation.

James Gimpel, Political Scientist and University of Maryland Professor, “Determining Impact of the Hispanic Vote”. View James Gimpel’s presentation.

Tom Horton, Professor of Environmental Studies at Salisbury State University, “Overpopulation’s Impact on the Chesapeake Bay”. View Tom Horton’s presentation.

Leon Kolankiewicz, Wildlife Biologist, “Developing an Environmental Impact Statement on United States Immigration Policy”. View Leon Kolankiewicz’s presentation.

Philip Cafaro, Colorado State University, “Understanding the Purpose, Need and Initial Findings of an Environmental Impact Statement on US Immigration Policy”. View Philip Cafaro’s presentation.

Professor Phil Cafaro is a Colorado resident and President and Chair of PFIR. His presentation focuses on the new Immigration Environmental Impact Statement being developed by PFIR.


Ever since the Sierra Club sold out on the population immigration connection - to the tune of a $100 million donation, most feel-good environmentalists have shunned the root cause of America's immigration-driven population growth. Only true ecologists like Leon Kolankiewicz and Philip Cafaro have had the understanding - and the fortitude - to tackle the impact of mass immigration on the ecosystems upon which we wholly depend.

For more information, and to submit a scoping comment, see the Immigration Environmental Impact Statement website.