Has America become an immigrant nation?

Has America become an immigrant nation? Manifesting boorish repetition, open borders Marxists incessantly assert that America is a nation of immigrants. The spin this time around is to declare the United States an "immigrant nation" in a strident attempt to rationalize amnesty for illegal aliens.

While some foolishly claim that "America is a nation of immigrants," the reality is that humanity has been migrating for 40,000 years. All countries are nations of immigrants. Even the American Indians migrated across the Bering Strait from the Siberian Highlands.

At over 315 million people, America is now full, and it makes no sense to endlessly grow U.S. population. Indeed, infinite growth within America's borders is a physical impossibility.

U.S. population is projected to double this century - within the lifetimes of children born today. 70% of this doubling will be caused by mass immigration - by recent immigrants and their descendents. That will require roughly twice as many hospitals, schools, houses, cars, roads, prisons, water treatment facilities, etc. The result will be twice as much sprawl, pollution, and pressure on our dwindling natural resources and the resources, such as petroleum, that we draw from other countries.

It would be prudent to stop growing before the resulting damage becomes irreversible. We can do so simply by enforcing existing immigration laws, making e-Verify mandatory, and abstaining from amnesty.

We are notably a country of Americans. Our country purportedly is governed according to American interests, not the interests of foreign job seekers looking to displace American workers.

The late U.S. Congresswoman, Barbara Jordan stated that:

"It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest."

The open borders socialists - Obama included - have abrogated that responsibility, and in doing so are bequeathing a dire legacy to American children of all races, creeds, and colors. That legacy will be an America transformed from a once great sovereign nation into a borderless, overpopulated regional pit stop for foreign job seekers.