Leftists hate the nation-state

What's the difference between a leftist, liberal, and a conservative?

Dennis Prager clarified the distinction as he noted the left's distain for nation states and national identity in a presentation at the July 24, 2018 Washington, DC Turning Point USA event for high school students. 

Prager said, "They don’t believe in borders. ... They really don’t believe in the existence of the nation state. This bothers them. Israel just passed a law that it is a Jewish state. This drove the New York Times crazy. Why is that terrible? Because they don't believe in national identities."

Prager commented "I actually feel for your generation. You are not raised in the same country I was raised in. ... You are inheriting a civil war, It hurts me to tell you this. You are not entering a happy America. It's an America, once again, fighting for its idea."

Prager observed how the left has subverted the concepts liberty and equality of opportunity, transmogrifying them into mandates for equality of outcome. "Equality and liberty are mutually exclusive," he said. "Liberty allows for inequality. … Forced equality is totalitarianism."

Watch the video: Dennis Prager: Truning Point USA, Washington DC:


While Prager is spot-on in revealing the leftist disdain for national identifies, he is misses the mark as to what constitutes America. Prager stated, “America is not an ethnicity. It is an idea, and if you get rid of that idea, you no longer have America.”

His statement is a definition of America as a proposition nation. That is, you live here and acknowledge the proposition of America (however it is defined), and bingo - you're an American! The proposition nation concept in actuality is being used as a basis for unfettered mass migration into America. In particular, mass immigration from cultures that do not relate to the fundamental premise of America as defined by the United States Constitution and the those who founded our country

America is a European-American nation. Our culture, traditions, language, form of government, and legal system (based on English Common Law) are derived from Europe with Greek and Roman roots. America is more than just a patch of soil and a fleeting propositional concept. America is a product of Western Civilization - the embodiment of Western Civilization. And yes, leftists are not happy with that.