The Lugenpress still doesn't get it

If you don’t read a newspaper you are uninformed. If you read a newspaper you are misinformed.”
- Mark Twain

In the October 22, 2019 Caucus Room article The News Media and CaucusRoom, Matt Knoedler writes:

The 4th Estate is in bad shape, with the press corps a fraction of the size as I knew it when I was “in the business.” Some blame Craigslist or the DrudgeReport. Others blame the product. Neither cause is easily remedied, at least not in a way that will get us back to the glory days of “ink stained wretches” shoving each other to get the scoop first. The few reporters that remain in the business are absolutely inundated for coverage by politicians, activists, and especially their former colleagues who took a better paying job at a government agency or PR firm after the last buyout.

Former Denver newspaper editors Greg Moore and John Temple make the case for a tax-and-spend regime to pay for the daily news. They note with appropriate alarm that the number of Colorado news reporters has dropped exponentially over the past 20 years.

Moore and Temple still don't get it. After 9-11, the Lügenpresse was taken over by some hidden Ministry of Disinformation. I cancelled my newspaper subscriptions to both the Daily Camera and the Denver Post when they became pro-illegal-alien propaganda "news" papers and never so much as bought one out of a vending machine. The Denver Post's disgusting attacks on Congressman Tom Tancredo and cheerleader positions per open borders and the Great Replacement, closely followed by the former Rocky Mountain News and Daily Camera and Colorado Daily made them un-American and anti-white from many people's perspectives. They deserve to die, in my opinion.


Back when Greg Moore was hired as Denver Post editor, he graciously agreed to meet with Mike McGarry (photos) and me to discuss the importance of unbiased coverage of immigration. He agreed with our points. I subsequently got one guest editorial published, but nothing changed in the newsroom.

I haven't purchased a copy of the Post in over a decade.

- Fred Elbel, CAIRCO