Denver's El Centro hiring hall for illegal aliens (2005-2006)

Burrito Breakfast with Mayor Hickenlooper

On December 2, 2005, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper was the keynote speaker at a fundraiser burrito breakfast for El Centro Humanitario para los Trabajadores - Denver's hiring hall for illegal aliens. The event was to promote and fundraiser for El Centro's new Capital Campaign to improve "home away from home" for "immigrant day laborers".

The event was held at the Centro San Juan Diego Historic Site, 2830 Lawrence Street near downtown Denver. On the outside of the building is a plaque dated October 17, 2005 thanking Mayor John Hickenlooper and the City and County of Denver for providing funding for exterior renovation.

El Centro was founded in 2002 and "is Denver's first day laborer organization that provides day laborers with a safe and dignified gathering place for them to seek employment and education."

Surprisingly, the Mayor found himself confronted by Colorado Minutemen and CAIRCO activists who questioned him on Denver's sanctuary city policy for illegal aliens. CAIRCO's director asked the Mayor point-blank if he would issue an executive order mandating that he update the Denver Police Manual to require full cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Predictably, the Mayor told CAIR's director and spokesperson that "there is no sanctuary policy in Denver." We beg to differ. Indeed, this prevarication has been exposed by Congressman Tancredo on CNN's Lou Dobbs news show:

Christine Romans: "We've heard from the Denver mayor's office as well that they do routinely turn over leads on trafficking to Immigration and Customs officials...."

Tom Tancredo: "At the very site that was identified in the Brian Mass report, at that restaurant, a policeman had been watching it for a long time - it was sort of on his beat... This policeman observed this going on, these vans pulling up... he reported this to ICE himself. Guess what happened to him? He got reprimanded by his superiors in the Denver Police Department. So don't let Denver give you this bunk."

During discussions, the Mayor snuck out the back door.

(Also see CAIRCO's press conference and protest on the sanctuary city of Denver.)

Mayor Hickenlooper speaks at the burrito breakfast.
Mayor Hickenlooper (on the left) is questioned on Denver's sanctuary city policy for illegal aliens by CAIRCO's spokesperson Mike McGarry (on the right).
The Mayor answers pointed questions from CAIRCO's Mike McGarry.
Illegal aliens ("day laborers") are picked up at the rear of the building. There is a lot of activity here during early morning hours.
This person, driving a car with Florida plates, just picked up four "day laborers".
Just a few blocks from downtown Denver. The Platte River runs through Denver a little less than a mile north of the illegal alien hiring hall. Although Denver is well known for its bike paths and walkways, the path along the Platte in this area is overwhelmed with transients and illegal aliens.
Illegal aliens wait in the hall until they are picked up for a day's work.
Legal problems? We heard that the University of Denver has staffed legal students here (at UD expense) in order to provide free legal advice.
Just a hiring hall for illegal aliens? They seem to be quite politically active.
Law books. Perportedly provided by the University of Denver.
Across the street from the illegal hiring hall is Limousine Express, Inc., with offices in Longmont, Colorado.
The "limousines" run from inside the Mexican border through our border states directly to Denver.
How convenient! Door to door transportation of illegal aliens to Denver's illegal alien hiring hall!