Protest of Denver's El Centro hiring hall for illegal aliens (2006)

Colorado Minuteman, CAIRCO, and over 40 other concerned citizen groups joined a 19 State National Day Labor Protest on January 7th 2006, to demonstrate against El Centro Humanitario located at 2260 California St. in Denver, Colorado.

El Centro Humanitario is a known illegal alien hiring hall open to the public and is reputed to be financially supported by Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. El Centro also purportedly offers free legal advice among other services to Illegal Aliens through the support of Denver University law students. Mandating law students to break federal laws at taxpayer expense is an outrage and can not be tolerated in a law abiding state.

See pictures below.

Detect, detain, and deport illegal aliens

Detect, detain, and deport illegal aliens.


Colorado Minutemen protested across the street from Denver's illegal alien hiring hall.
Who are all of these people protesting in favor of illegal aliens?
Minutemen protest in favor of law enforcement.
This person was caught wearing a mask while writing down license plates. When someone began photographing him, he became confrontational, accosted the photographer, and grabbed the camera.
Now we find out who all these young, yuppie protesters are. They announced they were with the Friends' Service Committee - Quakers. Hmmmm - Mayor Hickenlooper is a Quaker, isn't he? And Mayor Hickenlooper supports the illegal hiring hall.