Mainstream Leftist Media Spins Away Biden Open Borders

End of Title 42 "Strict Pandemic Border Restriction" being spun by Mainstream Media to create false impression that Biden Administration has been turning away millions of illegal border crossers for last two years.

The legacy (mainstream) media, in virtual lockstep, is using the expiration of Title 42 which former President Donald Trump had used to protect Americans from "migrants" who likely would bring the SARS COV 2 virus into the Homeland as a fabrication to spread the fake "news" that the Biden Administration has been sending millions of "migrants" back across the Mexican border for the last two years, rather than welcoming them into the U.S. and even proposing using taxpayer money to make payments to those who had been deported or denied entry under the Trump Administration almost half a million dollars each while giving them permanent resident status.

This is shameful propaganda that is meant to paint the Biden Administration as not only having strictly enforced rules meant to protect Americans from the Wuhan virus with regard to illegal entrants entering the U.S. from Mexico, but is falsely claiming that DHS has sent millions of illegal entrants packing back to the countries of origin. The facts paint an entirely different story of over two million illegal entrants aided and abetted by the very agencies which are supposed to deny entry to people rushing the borders in caravans, aided by criminal drug cartels and the Mexican government, who successfully invaded the U.S. since January 6, 2021. One can only hope that Americans see through this big lie.

See this ABC News story.

Enter the Biden administration’s announcement that strict pandemic border restrictions that have been in place for more than two years, known as Title 42, will end next month. The move has brought predictions of a fresh surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border — and fears of worsening politics surrounding COVID-19, crime and immigration all in time for the midterms.

On ABC’s "This Week" Sunday, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said the decision to revoke the order, which has been used to quickly expel most migrants apprehended at the border since the start of the pandemic, belongs to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"It’s a public-health law," Klain said, adding that the CDC’s judgment is that by late May, "the pandemic will be a place where we can no longer exclude people on a public-health rationale."

Reprinted from Global Gulag with the author's permission.


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