Metro State - last year and this year

It is very interesting reading that Metro State is 'considering additional student housing to boost retention rate.' The Denver Post quoted, 'We have a very special student population and housing is an issue for many of them. "They're going between home and work and school, and sometimes they're more worried about having a roof over their heads than school.'

Metro students have campus housing available to them. In fact they are no different than CU Denver students. Metro and CU Denver have shared the same student housing for several years. They have student housing at three separate apartment complexes at The Regency, the Inn at Auraria, as well as on campus, Campus Village Apartments. They also share college courses, creating a bonding environment among their students.

Only one thing has dramatically changed a year ago regarding Metro state student enrollments.

On  August 20, 2012, "Metropolitan State University Of Denver Begins Special Tuition Rate For Undocumented Students" in spite of then-Colorado state laws as well as current federal law.

Because of these changes, parents of incoming freshmen undergrad Metro students at Auraria may face increased tuition hikes for additional housing. Taxpayers might see a new need for student housing construction, perhaps driven by agenda, to be funded by new bond issues. For example, Campus Village (current student housing) was financed with a $50.36 million bond issue by the Colorado Education and Cultural Facilities Authority (CECFA).

One way or the other, Metro has existing sufficient student housing for their students prior to 2012-13 and it is the same exact housing that CU Denver students currently live in.

Interesting indeed.



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