Perhaps the best description of progressivism yet

On May 12, 2018, University of Virginia political-science Professor Gerard Alexander published an op-ed in The New York Times - a warning to liberals: Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think.

One of the comments to the article was by JohnB of Staten Island, New York, which stated:

Mr. Alexander makes some very good points, but I think they are going to be lost on many of his readers. That's because for many on the Left, progressivism functions psychologically as a replacement for traditional religion, and this new religion is every bit as puritanical and intolerant as any of the old religions it has replaced.

Just like the old Puritanism, the new religion believes in Satan and hunts him under every bed. Instead of "Satan," the new devil goes by the name of "Bigotry." But he's still everywhere! For believers, if any aspect of our society CAN be explained in terms of bigotry, then it MUST be explained in terms of bigotry. Racists are the new witches. Rather than examining bodies for incriminating marks of the devil, words are scrutinized for any hint of incorrect thinking that might reveal the darkness within. And if you have any reservations about any of this, well, maybe you're a witch too!

I mean all of this quite literally. Religion is a psychological phenomenon, and does not need to include gods or the supernatural. I believe that what goes on in the heads of pious progressives is *precisely* the same as what goes on in the heads of the most devout traditional believers. All that varies are the specifics of the faith."

Good luck getting such people to acknowledge the possibility that they might be wrong about anything!

This is perhaps the best description of progressivism yet. It succinctly explains why Liberalism is intolerant of liberty.


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