The Refugee Mess: What Are We Creating In America?

Every time we import another refugee or other legal immigrant into America, we displace them from their homes. We force them into an alien society. We push them into new customs, a new language and an entirely different mode of living.

Additionally, we brain-drain the best talents of other countries to deplete them of the "œmovers and shakers" that help their societies advance. We also take the dregs of most countries, which include the least educated and least able to adapt to our high speed society.

We move them from their agricultural and simple lives to apartments, modern conveniences and low level jobs—essentially a form of 21st century slavery. For every refugee we import, our jobs market shrinks because of robotics and automation. It's a lose-lose for them and welfare-forever payments for us. Furthermore, for every job immigrants grab, American citizens drop to the bottom of the employment barrel.

Has anyone wondered why 48,000,000 (millions) Americans subsist on food stamps? Over 100,000 veterans homeless on our streets? Over 13 million children living below the poverty level? A whopping $19.5 trillion in national debt?

This interview with a caseworker provides you a greater understanding of the futility of endless immigration into America.

From 1992 – 1994, George Johnson (not his real name) worked at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok as a caseworker handling refugee and immigrant visa petitions. Johnson developed a strong understanding of U.S. immigration laws. He understands the causes of chain migration and knows how to cut back on the number of immigrants.

Refugees – "They would rather not come," said Johnson. "I worked at a refugee camp (Panat Nikom) and saw first hand how the people there actually do not want to leave. They don't want to come to America.

"They'd rather go back to where they grew up, and they know that moving to USA means a life of flipping burgers, Wal-Mart jobs, eating packaged food, etc. They would reluctantly leave camps after realizing it was the only option. At the same time, there is a misconception in America that it's everyone's dream to move to USA. That is false."

Refugees – "A financial bonanza for the American employees who work for the relief agencies," said Johnson. "A large group of highly paid executives in the refugee relief business don't care about what's good for the refugees, or America.

"As long as there are refugee programs they can keep their salaries, luxury homes overseas, car and driver, twice-yearly trips home, per-diem pay, etc. We were sending 10,000 Vietnamese to USA per month, a full decade after Vietnam was stable and the war was over. There were programs sending 10,000 Russians per month to USA, for what? Afghans, Bosnians, etc.

"Why were all of these people sent to USA as refugees? A big reason is that the refugee agencies see them as customers, a way to keep their programs alive and funded. I see now that refugees are coming from Africa, like a modern slave trade. The biggest offender of this that I saw was IOM. (International Organization for Migration)

Refugees – "What's best for them, and USA?" asked Johnson. "Clearly the best thing is not to send mass numbers of shell-shocked refugees to USA because they generally don't want to come, and we have problems paying and resettling large numbers. What we need is for the U.S. military to have a Refugee Response Unit, which I believe would be very inexpensive and probably we already have that capability.

"If a conflict breaks out and there are people streaming out of a region, the US military (and UNHCR) should urgently setup temporary tent villages, provide basic health care, food, and quickly bring peace to the region of conflict. Then the refugees can move back to where they were displaced from. Everybody wins! Refugee numbers should be reduced to a few thousand per year or less."

Legal Immigrants. "There is a very simple solution, and that is to follow the lead of most (or all) other nations," said Johnson. "First, eliminate the ability of naturalized citizens to petition for over-18 children, and married children. Next, eliminate the ability of naturalized citizens to petition for all siblings. Next, eliminate the ability of naturalized citizens to petition for parents unless they can guarantee financial support. There are other aspects of our legal immigration policy that could be fine-tuned, but this would really reduce the number of people coming and I'd suggest closing the window on any pending applications."

Adding to Mr. Johnson's rationale, I ask what does an Afghanistan tribesman or woman do to fit in when they arrive in America? They don't! They mingle with their own and live forever on welfare. What does a Sudanese tribesman or woman do once they arrive? Shell-shocked emotionally and sociologically! When you multiply that by 196 different countries sending us their refugees to the tune of 1.5 million legal and illegal migrants annually, you've got millions of displaced human beings forced into American society that remains as alien to them as living on the moon.

"Diversity within a nation destroys unity and leads to civil wars," said social scientist Garret Hardin. "Immigration, a benefit during the youth of a nation, can act as a disease in its mature state. Too much internal diversity in large nations has led to violence and disintegration. We are now in the process of destabilizing our own country. The magic words of destabilizers are "˜diversity' and "˜multiculturalism'."

In the end, I submit that America can no longer afford any immigration. It's changing the ethos of our country from our country to everybody else's country. Instead of our country, we are being overrun, overwhelmed and overpopulated. We cannot survive the projected 100,000,000 (million) immigrants about to land on our shores in the next 30 years.

When you look at the sociological nightmare created by all immigration, you see parallel societies like Dearborn, Michigan; Miami, Florida and Minneapolis, Minnesota. We're no longer the American people, but a hodgepodge of ethnic groups pretending to get along and multiculturalize ourselves into oblivion. And, I'm not even speaking of the religious conflict we face as more Muslims enter this country with one prime directive: "Convert or kill all non-believers."

If you think we're in a mess today, just wait another 30 years and 100,000,000 (million) more third world immigrants.

These two videos should frighten any parent as to what he or she bequeaths to his or her children.

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