The rotting dissolution of representative government

Two recent articles, taken together, elucidate the problems our nation faces after nearly eight years of deliberate transformative government under the Obama administration. The articles are: 

The dissolution of representative government, by Rolf Yungclas, Canada Free Press, May 24, 2016, and 

We Are a Fish, Rotting From the Head, by John Hinderaker, Powerline, May 23, 2016.

Lest we forget, Obama's odious deviation from Constitutional authority included amnesty for illegal aliens. See CAIRCO's research on Obama's Royal Decree - Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and FAIR's report: President Obama's Record of Dismantling Immigration Enforcement.

The realm of administrative overreach now extends into the bathroom, of all places. "Pottygate," as we might call it, is symbolic of the administration's purported authority over all aspects of our lives, public and private. 

Yungclas depicts the intrusive problem of executive overreach in his article:

A pattern is developing for the last eight months of the Obama administration. This push for unconstitutional mandates and agency directives, if not numerically the worst of any President ever, is in degree of extreme reach becoming the worst ever.

In the last few weeks, the Departments of Justice and Education have mandated rules for all public schools and public building based on what sex people think they are at the moment.

In what is being called War on the Suburbs, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is overriding local zoning (and the U.S. Constitution) to mandate the mass moving of lower income people into higher income communities. Along with that, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been assigned the task of overseeing the massive importation of fifties of thousands of additional refugees and other immigrants per year. This incredible influx of people is then to be assigned to local communities with no input from our federal, state, or city elected officials.

We also have the Department of the Interior currently managing the most U.S. government-owned land in history, blocking more and more of its usage to mining and ranching, while the Environmental Protection Agency has decided they need to turn every bit of standing water into a manageable waterway in order to extend their reach further into our property and our lives.

Five days before he was elected, Barack Hussein Obama announced a fundamental transformation of our country was going to begin. And while the liberal media propagandists downplayed that as just a rhetorical phrase of the moment, the seven-plus years Obama has been President have been proof that fundamental transformation is a foundational strategy of his administration...

Rather than electing someone to uphold and defend our system of civil government called the U.S. Constitution, Obama appears to have started a precedent where the people choose their President based on who they think can best override the Constitution in order to push through his or her election campaign platform.

... his record as President shows us that whatever his understanding of the Constitution is, it is for the purpose of undoing and overriding the Constitution in exchange for a system based on an ideological belief in centralized authority where it’s just a select few that have the answers to society’s problems.

The current administration’s fundamental transformation approach to government does not credit or acknowledge the incredible forces that were at work to make America unique and great, namely personal liberty, free enterprise capitalism, and representative government. Instead it builds on the so-called progressive movement that began over 120 years ago, a movement whose purpose is to replace our Constitutional system with one of overlords who manage every aspect of our lives from a nationally-centralized location.

The Constitution was written not only to define our federal government but also to place limitations on it once it was put into operation after the states approved it...

There is no need for an ideological approach to governing when we have a Constitution that gives us a system, that if adhered to, assures us of a government that keeps order in society through citizen involvement in a decentralized manner. Yet what we are seeing is what I call it a fundamental departure from constitutional representative government...

Hinderaker expounds on the deep-seated problem in his article:

... The only way Hillary will be indicted, as she certainly deserves to be, is if the Democrats decide that she can’t beat Donald Trump–an increasingly likely eventuality–and decide to go with someone else...

Worst of all, perhaps, is the way Barack Obama and his Attorneys General, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, have corrupted the Department of Justice. Time after time, federal judges have found that DOJ lawyers have lied to the courts on behalf to the Obama administration’s political agenda. Paul described the latest instance, and one of the most shocking, here.

Then there is the fact that Barack Obama is a scofflaw. Repeatedly, he has ignored the Constitution and violated federal law, refusing to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, imperiously changing his own Obamacare statute with no legal authority, and so on. Years later, the courts sometimes catch up with him; the administration has lost a number of 9-0 Supreme Court decisions where its lawbreaking was indisputable. But more broadly, the Obama administration’s campaign of lawbreaking and stonewalling has succeeded.

Hinderaker quotes from the Glenn Reynolds May 25, 2016 USA Today column, When leaders cheat, followers ... follow:

[P]eople may obey the law because they think that being law-abiding is an important part of maintaining a viable society. But that’s the kind of law-abiding behavior that’s at risk when people at the top treat the law with unconcealed contempt...

America has been — and, for the moment, remains — a high-trust society. In high-trust societies, people extend trust to strangers and follow rules for the most part even when nobody is watching. In low-trust societies, trust seldom extends beyond close family, and everybody cheats if they can get away with it.

High-trust societies are much nicer places to live than low-trust ones. But a fish rots from the head and the head of our society is looking pretty rotten...

Yungclas explains how this radicalization of presidential politics is reflected in the current Presidential election cycle:

Donald Trump’s candidacy took hold because of people’s belief in the need for an authoritarian figure to undo the damage of the Obama administration, rejecting the Constitutional conservative approach to governmental change. As the likely Republican nominee for President, he will be facing a Democrat opponent who will only try to further Obama’s fundamental transformation.

The upcoming election clearly is an opportunity for America to take corrective action and return to our traditional, Constitutional path. If we don't, we may very well end up living under a centralized, overreaching, authoritarian government for quite some time.



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