Sacred Deception - Taqiyya

Ten years ago, I wondered what the heck is it with all the crazy stuff about Islam and Muslims. That was nearly 10 years after 9-11 and I still didn't get it.
Then, over the course of several years, I learned about the importation of Islamists into Europe. The Rotherham Muslim rape gangs. Islamists overwhelming of Sweden. No-go zones in France. On, and on.
Yet as Islamists say, Islam is a religion of peace, right? Guess what - the Koram allows Muslims to lie to Kafirs - that is, non-Muslims. You and me. Kafirs never have equal status with Muslims. 
Then there is the principle of abrogation. That is where benign passages of the Koran - such as expressing that Islam is a religion of peace - are abrogated, or replaced with more recent passages like kill the Jews, lie to the Kaffirs, etc. 
While the Koran is arranged on order of length of verse (chapter), one can gain an amazing amount of insight by reading the Koran in chronological order.
This 4 minute video explains the principle of Taqiyya - that is, lying to the Kafir - that is, you and me.