Snopes is for Dopes

Today I came across a character assassination piece on the purportedly neutral and reputable Snopes website. While the article ostensibly reports the factual history of American immigration policy, it quickly and deliberately descends into a slanted pseudo-factual hit piece on Dr. John Tanton, who has been instrumental in recognizing the immigration - population - environment connection.

I won't pull excerpts from the article. You can read for yourself the silly slanted Snopes disinformation hit piece on John Tanton: "The Roots of United States Immigration Policy - Anti-immigration policy hardliners evolved cheek by jowl with pro-eugenics and conservation groups", by Brooke Binkowski, Snopes, March 29, 2017.

It's abundantly clear that Binkowski's main objective was to slander the work of John Tanton. There's nothing new about that, other than that as a result Snopes is more clearly revealed as a leftist disinformation mouthpiece.

As to why bumbling Binkowski is so concerned about trying to discredit Dr. John Tanton, one need only recall what Saul Alinsky said in his leftist "how-to" manifesto Rules for Radicals (which, incidentally, was dedicated to Satan):

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Radical open borders goons decided over a decade ago to pick on John Tanton because he has been extremely successful in advancing the agenda of reducing mass immigration in order to stabilize United States Population. Back in 2002, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) mounted an attack on Tanton, christening him "The Puppeteer". John Tanton replied to their hapless accusations in his article The Puppeteer Replies.

Over the years, similar attacks have appeared on other loony leftist and patently anti-American blogs and websites, each building self-referentially on each other in a circular compilation of contrived contradictions. Their objective has been to pepper the internet with disinformation on Dr. Tanton in order to slime organizations he founded and those he has worked with.

As much as Binkowsky brazenly attempted to extend the slanderous slime trail into the domain of Snopes, he neglected to consider that the American people are downright tired of being called racists, nationalists, and xenophobes, simply because they want illegal immigration stopped and legal immigration reduced.

What Binkowsky did accomplish, however, was confirm what most people have by now suspected: Snopes is for dopes.



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