Striking visualizations of US population growth

CAIRCO frequently mentions that mass immigration is driving United States population to double within the lifetime of children born today. Words are important, but graphics can better convey the impact of our unending growth within the finite borders of our nation. Here are links to three articles with interesting - and perhaps startling - charts and graphs on US population growth.

The US Population Explosion In One Cool GIF, Business Insider (April 7, 2014). An animated map shows United States population density from 1790 to 2010.

Pew's Population Pyramid GIF Is The Fastest Way To Understand America's Changing Demographics, Business Insider (April 14, 2014). An animated population pyramid shows population by age group from 1950 to 2060.

America 2050: Here's How The Country Will Look Three Decades From Now, Business Insider (October 19, 2012). This article contains 26 charts and graphs that show America's dramatic population growth as a result of unconstrained mass immigration.

For more information, see Population Driven to Double by Mass Immigration and Ethics, justice, population and immigration.