A truthful evening on the Koran

I attended an event in northern Colorado put on by Tom Tancredo and Team America that featured Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch as the main speaker. It's always good to learn more about something our President refuses to even acknowledge (Islamic jihadist terror).

Spencer was great and incredibly knowledgeable. Here are some notes from the event:

Spencer said that this election truly is the most important election in our lifetimes.

He explained that islam is a pervasive, domineering system that governs all aspects of religion, politics, government, and society. It allows no deviation and no thought outside the constraints of islam. He said there are 70 passages alone that specify how to go to the the bathroom. Did I hear that right?

He explained the principle of abrogation in the koran. That's where earlier peaceful passages are invalidated by newer passages that require (as opposed to simply encouraging) conquest and oppression of non-muslims. Therefore, someone can say (as have Obama and George W.) that the koran states that islam is a "religion of peace". However, that's an abrogated passage in the koran; it has been abrogated by newer militant passages.

Spencer explained the principle of balance in how muslims' good deeds are weighed against bad deeds when deciding who gets into heaven. Migrating into a foreign country to further islam carries a huge amount of weight. Jihad carries almost infinite weight and offsets a lifetime of bad deeds, which explains why a "peaceful" muslim can suddenly take up the koran and turn into a jihadist.

He explained that Obhama and liberals are betting that the refugees we are importing in won't turn into jihadists. (I think it's a more sinister intent.) He noted that ISIS has explicitly said they are embedding terrorists into the "refugees" entering Europe and the US. Spencer pointed out that only a small fraction of those entering Europe and the US are actually refugees from Syria; the rest are from other areas who want economic opportunity and the opportunity to further islam in foreign countries according to the koran.

He said that this is the first time in history when America is deliberately bringing in large numbers of foreigners who not only will not assimilate, but believe that their culture and religion is superior to ours and that our society based on the rule of law is to be subjugated to sharia law. Spencer said that incredibly, sharia law already has been used to adjudicate cases in America. England already has two parallel legal systems: English and sharia.

Spencer noted that muslims are required to visit Mecca (see map) at least once in their lifetime. There is only a single 10 day period each year when they are permitted do so. Saudi Arabia has a huge tent city with thousands of air conditioned tents built to house those visitors. The tents are vacant for all but a few weeks each year and would be a perfect place to house temporary refugees. The country refuses to house refugees there because of the danger - and that's in a muslim country that is politically aligned with the refugees' home countries.

He pointed out how "refugees" are being settled in the US in conservative, small, rural areas where locals are not able to effectively counter the situation. He referenced the case in Twin Falls, Idaho where refugees raped and urinated on a 5 year old girl. He noted that government agencies told locals that if they disparaged the perpetrators, they would be prosecuted - thus invalidating the First Amendment. He reflected on the imminent dangers of "hate speech" laws.

Spencer said that Obhama's Iran nuclear deal was the worst deal ever made by any administration. He pointed out that islam only allows deals to be made with the enemy for a period of 10 years when they are losing and they need to build up strength to vanquish the non-muslim enemy.

He noted that after Obama's giveaway of the internet on October 1, his website could disappear (along with many conservative, dissident, and free speech sites), and he would be reduced to handing out leaflets, as dissidents did in the USSR during the cold war.

He offered hope that truth always prevails - for example, it took 50 years for the USSR to dissolve. He said that being a truth-teller makes him unqualified to be a Democrat, which raised some laughs from the audience.



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