Vancouver is dying - from what?

Below is a devastating hard hitting documentary about how Vancouver has quickly gone to hell. San Francisco North?

How many North American cities and European cities are now looking like Vancouver's core? For a Vancouver born expat like me, these scenes and the city's transformation are shocking, BUT TRUE. I noticed the dramatic change when I took a visit back there in November of 2018. But it has become much worse since then...

The question is why? Why the homelessness, why the random violence?

This documentary lays the blame on drug addiction. And no doubt , that is a huge part of it. It asserts that there is enough social housing available to accommodate all the street people, but these people are unable or unwilling to take advantage of it because they are strung out. In fact, more people shoot up drugs in the confines of their own rooms than on the street. 

However, mass immigration is the elephant in the room that this documentary does not see. Ordinary people, some well educated, who are not on drugs are on the streets or sleeping in their cars because 60,000 migrants per year flood into Vancouver and the demand for housing far exceeds the supply. Housing prices and rents are far beyond what even a double income professional family can afford. And it is not, as politicians and developers say, "a demand issue." Vancouver is running out of space, unless residents are crammed into shoeboxes.

Greens and Leftists who preach the gospel of eco-density must be asked how far they would kick the can down the road. 80 million people are added to the global population every year, and one poll showed that there are 900 million people in the world who want to move to this continent. So far, the Green-Left's answer is to "move over" and sSqueeze tighter". And tighter and tighter. And developers obviously agree. 

Anyway, do watch this film. This is reality. This is a sign of our times. And we ain't seen nuttin' yet.

Vancouver is Dying