Visualizing Changing World Population

16 January 2023
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by Fred Elbel

Population growth

Much to the dismay of myopic, pro-growth economists, population in some countries is declining. That's good news. The bad news is that population growth in other countries is out of control.

Visual Capitalist published an article on Visualizing the Changing World Population, by Country, 10 January 2023. The article states that:

On average, there are 250 babies born every minute around the world. This adds up to over 130 million new human beings entering the world every year.

Where are these babies born? See the graphic in this article: Where Will the World’s Next 1,000 Babies Be Born? Visual Capitalist, 19 August 2022:

Where will the next 1,000 babies come from? - Visual Capitalist


The first article referenced above projects that in 2050, the most populous countries will be:

India 1.67 billion
China 1.32 billion
United States 375 million
Nigeria 375 million
Pakistan 366 million
Indonesia 317 million


Fortunately, some countries will see populations decline to more sustainable levels. The article projects populations for these countries in 2050 as:

China 1.316 billion
Japan 104.1 million
Russian Federation 133.4 million
Italy 52.4 million
Republic of Korea 45.9 million
Germany 79.1 million
Thailand 68.1 million
Spain 44.3 million

Note that China's gargantuan population is projected to decline, due for the most part to China's one-child policy.


So what do these changing populations look like over over time? Here's an interactive graph from the first article:

The above graphic was created by Our World in Data, a website that contains lots of interactive graphs presenting the world's largest problems.


Western civilization

How does population growth impact Western Civilization? Here is what has been called The World's Most Important Graph:

The world's most important graph - 2022

As sub-Saharan African population explodes, there will be immense pressure for the excess population to migrate to Europe, which has done an excellent job of stabilizing its population. Unless the borders of European nations are controlled, the situation looks pretty dire. As has been said, "demographics is destiny."


In America

Similarly, in America, women voluntarily reached replacement level fertility by 1972 (2.1 children per woman). Yet mass immigration is driving U.S. population to double.

This 10-minute presentation show the result of unending mass immigration - as mandated by our government - on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations in America. Immigration by the numbers - off the charts by Roy Beck.


See this interesting 5 minute interactive tutorial: Understanding Exponential Growth.

Here's an article on Exponential Growth: What It Means To Your Future in America.

Unlimited population growth cannot be sustained; you cannot sustain growth in the rates of consumption of resources. No species can overrun the carrying capacity of a finite land mass. This Law cannot be repealed and is not negotiable."
- Dr. Albert Bartlett,, University of Colorado, USA.