Exponential Growth: What It Means To Your Future in America

The United Nations stated that India expects to become the most populated country in the world this year, 2023. In other words, India will exceed China's 1.45 billion people on India's way to 1.55 billion within three decades. Which, as you can imagine, equates to a "blink in time."

What's wrong with that picture? First of all, India's collective poverty exceeds anything any American can comprehend. Can you imagine that 70 percent of Indians lack access to a toilet, wash basin and/or shower? They drink polluted water, breathe filthy air in their overloaded cities, eat meager diets, and struggle with any kind of quality of life.

What India's leaders and/or their religions don't understand stems from the little understood "Exponential Growth Factor" that consumes everything in sight. It means that an entity continues growing until it devours everything that allows it to keep growing. If it's a horribly obese person, that person keeps eating until they suffer clogged arteries, diabetes, cancer, stroke and/or can no longer walk. At some point, all their systems collapse.

Unlimited population growth cannot be sustained; you cannot sustain growth in the rates of consumption of resources. No species can overrun the carrying capacity of a finite land mass. This Law cannot be repealed and is not negotiable."
- Dr. Albert Bartlett, www.albartlett.org, University of Colorado, USA.


When a civilization follows that same "exponential growth pattern," that same civilization ultimately runs out of water, energy and resources. It's called, "Exceeding Carrying Capacity." That's what's happening to China right now as it consumes more food than it can produce. It consumes more metal and other resources than it possesses. It pollutes more air than its inhabitants can safely breathe. To save itself, China buys farmland in Africa, America and South America to produce more food. It's literally devouring its own environment. Dr. Warren M. Hern described it in his latest book: Homo Ecophagus. In plain English, it means "Devouring the Eco Systems" or "Devouring the Earth."

While the phenomenon continues in the 21st century, it causes massive disruption to the climate known as "catastrophic climate destabilization." Some call it Global Warming, Climate Change, et.al. It manifests in massive hurricanes, acidified and heated oceans, dying reefs, droughts, wildfires, accelerating extinction rates, and aberrant disruptions of the normal aspects of the Natural World.

As it accelerates, it reduces "quality of life" for humans trapped in its grip.

Notice that no one immigrates to China, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, India, Indochina, or other overpopulated areas. Where do they migrate? Answer: to any country that can feed them.

If you paid attention in the last 24 months, Joe Biden invited 5.5 million illegal border-jumping refugees that were processed and escorted into America by the U.S Border Patrol. Another 1.1 million were reported to have gotten through without being processed, known as "Got A-ways." The U.S. Congress allowed 2.0 million legal refugees in the past 24 months. They, in turn birthed more than 2.0 million more babies. That's a total of 10.6 million people.

With another 24 months of Joe Biden, we can expect at least another 10.6 million illegal aliens. By the end of the 2020's only seven years from now, we'll explode from 35 to 40 million more people. The U.S. Census Bureau just tabulated that our 2023 human population has reached nearly 340 million people. The problem with all those people? Answer: they won't be Americans. They will be the poverty-stricken masses of the world. Biden and Congress import intractable poverty on a scale never witnessed in human history.

Crowding, Jamming, Cramming and Stuffing Americans Into Cities

In the past year in the United States, we saw incredibly brutal slaughtering of human beings with the four college kids knifed to death in Moscow, Idaho. We saw thousands of gun deaths in Chicago, St. Louis, New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Detroit and Miami. We watched ruthless gangs robbing stores and stealing from trains from New York City to Los Angeles. We've got an average of 45,000 suicides annually. We have three women killed daily by a spouse or significant other. We suffered $94.1 billion in mercantile shoplifting in 2022. Our big cities have become killing zones.

We saw the meltdown of the airlines in the past month. Thousands of flights were canceled. Millions were adversely affected. From LA to NYC, traffic has become intolerable, dangerous and gridlocked.

How will we solve any problems when our U.S. population reaches another 100 million people within 27 years according to the U.S. Census Bureau?

If you understand what happens when there are too many chickens in a coop, you know that once they are overcrowded, they start pecking each other to death. (I'm an old farm boy.) When you crowd too many animals into one area, you create horrific conflict.

Right now, the United States accelerates its own numbers into that "Devouring the Earth" conundrum reported by Warren M. Hern's book: Homo Ecophagus.


What do another 30 or 40 million people, net gain, by 2030 mean to America on our way to an added 100 million by 2050? Answer: it means everything we worked for, everything we created, everything about the American Dream - will worsen to the point that we will become victims of this massive onslaught of humanity. Once it manifests, much like India and China, there will be no solutions.

Do you think we should continue on this "Exponential Growth Pattern?" Do you think we can survive it? Do you think the Natural World will survive it? Do you think the animal extinction rates will diminish? Do you think the oceans can survive another 10 or 20 trillion pieces of plastic that will be tossed by another 100 million Americans or another 2.0 billion humans added to the world by 2050?

And the last questions: why isn't anyone in Washington DC addressing this horrific future? Why isn't 60 Minutes reporting on it? Why isn't NPR's Terry Gross interviewing top experts who have written dozens of books on what's coming? Why hasn't Bill Nye the Science guy address it? What about Scott Simon at NPR? Why hasn't PBS educated Americans as to our predicament? Why haven't the people at CNN, FOXNEWS, NBC, CBS, ABC and top radio stations interviewed environmentalists, species extinction experts, climate experts, ocean-plastic experts?


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