The Vatican's role in the destruction of American political will to deal with overpopulation

Many religions and cultures use conquest via demographics as a means to spread their dominance. In other words, high fertility and high migration rates are effective ways to overwhelm targeted cultures. For example, under Islam, Da'wah involves achieving demographic occupation and consists of three facets: high immigration, high fertility (birth rate), as well as large-scale conversion.

United States population is being driven by mass immigration to double within the lifetimes of children born today. What happened to our national will to control our borders and stabilize our population? 

Stephen D. Mumford, DrPH provides an answer in the article What was the role of the Vatican in the destruction of American political will to deal with overpopulation? (Church and State, August 16, 2012). Excerpts are included below:

This chapter from our chairman Dr. Stephen D. Mumford’s seminal book, The Life and Death of NSSM 200: How the Destruction of Political Will Doomed a U.S. Population Policy (1996), reveals the role of the U.S. Catholic bishops in killing American political will to overcome overpopulation. The book is available at Kindle here, and is available to read for free here.

What Was the Role of the Vatican?

BOTH the Rockefeller Commission and NSSM 200 studies were sophisticated undertakings. Complex activities generated the political will that led to them. The key people in our government examined the data and the logic that led to an inescapable conclusion: further rapid world population growth is a grave threat to American and global security. They agreed on this and they acted.

To reverse this process and to reverse it so quietly that only a few took notice, also required great sophistication. Only an exceeding well led, well financed, well connected, highly committed, autocratic organization could have succeeded. A politically sophisticated institution was necessarily involved.

The authors of NSSM 200 noted that the only institutional opposition to the World Population Plan of Action—adopted by consensus of 137 nations at the August 1974 United Nations World Population Conference—was the Vatican. The Vatican was intensely motivated to act against the Rockefeller Commission and NSSM 200 recommendations because the Catholic hierarchy was convinced that the survival of the institution of the Papacy was on the line.

Furthermore, as noted in the last chapter, the Vatican, with specific threats to papal interests in mind, had equipped the American hierarchy to intervene just a few years before. Did the American hierarchy act to destroy our political will to overcome the population problem?

In Byrnes’s study of the history of Catholic bishops in American politics, he found that from 1790-1960, papal security interests were decided by local and state governments and not at the national level...

The Vatican determined that if it were to survive intact it must become much more active in U.S. politics at the national level. Vatican control of politics in large Catholic cities is well known and undisputed. Only by being highly organized and active politically on all levels of government could the Vatican overcome the rapid increase in political will and momentum in demand for population growth control that had recently developed.

The Vatican, with its masterful political acumen, recognized the trends and quickly prepared to counteract them. Through Vatican Council II, U.S. bishops were given the necessary tools.

Did the Vatican succeed in changing U.S. policy on family planning, abortion and population growth control? TIME magazine concluded that it most certainly did. The headline on the cover of the February 24, 1992 issue of TIME magazine was: “HOLY ALLIANCE: How Reagan and the Pope conspired to assist Poland’s Solidarity movement and hasten the demise of Communism.”...

The Pope Called the Tune

In a section of his TIME article headed “The U.S. and the Vatican on Birth Control,” Bernstein included three revealing paragraphs:

In response to concerns of the Vatican, the Reagan Administration agreed to alter its foreign aid program to comply with the church’s teachings on birth control. According to William Wilson, the President’s first ambassador to the Vatican, the State Department reluctantly agreed to an outright ban on the use of any U.S. aid funds by either countries or international health organizations for the promotion of … abortions. As a result of this position, announced at the World Conference on Population in Mexico City in 1984, the U.S. withdrew funding from, among others, two of the world’s largest family planning organizations: the International Planned Parenthood Federation and the United Nations Fund for Population Activities....

Thus, Bernstein makes clear what the cadre of devout Catholics in the Reagan Administration did to protect the Papacy from the recommendations of NSSM 200. Simply put, these strategically-placed Catholic laymen, and the U.S. bishops with direct papal support and intervention, succeeded in destroying the American political will to deal with the population problem.

How they accomplished this goal so vital to the robust survival of the Papacy is the subject of the next three chapters....



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