Video: Sweden has died. Do not allow your country to be next

This 28 minute video explains what mass muslim migration has done to Sweden. It reveals Sweden's undeniably bleak future.

The video begins by describing what has happened to Sweden as a consequence of mass immigration, including the rape of Swedish women, degradation of public schools, and societal unraveling. The second half is more interesting: it describes why Sweden has engaged in this program of self destruction and why it is too late for them to change course.

Sweden's far left liberal approach has destroyed their own country. The social contract to which Swedes abide is rejected by muslim immigrants.

Sweden is no longer the peaceful country you might have imagined. Swedenstan has arrived.



The political spectrum differs in Sweden as contrasted with the United States. However, there are strong analogies between Sweeden and the United States, particularly regarding the feel-good motivations of those who want to import more and more unassimilable foreign nationals.


Here's a fairly accurate transcript of the video:

Sweden used to be a model country a place for rational and honest people - enjoyed great schools and free health care a place of freedom and equality now.

It's on its way to becoming another kind of model - a warning example of a suicidal immigration policy.

Sweden - as you think of it - is soon but a memory.

It's going to be another messy in a gala Therrien surveillance to perhaps even one of the worst...

Immigration can be great for a country. It all depends on the nature and the number of the immigrants.

First of all the immigrants need to be willing and able to adapt the way of the natives and they need to be able to contribute economically.

Secondly the number of immigrants should not be so large that it becomes difficult for them to integrate. S large that it destroys the identity of the host country.

These are the two laws of good immigration Sweden is violating. If the nature of the immigrants is such that they will not as a group benefit, we then propose an existential threat both in terms of economy and in terms of values and identity.

Most of them are fully educated people from the Middle systematic. On top of that many are Muslim.

The number is staggering. Ntive speakers will be a minority in their own country by 2045.

Since the country is its people, Sweden has conclusively ceased to exist at that point. In violating the two lines of good immigration Sweden immigration strategy can be seen as French or British and style - a group of immigrants and ghettos outside the center of the city's by making sure that they have no pressure to become Sweden by giving them the basic necessities of life...

The subway bombing the decapitation and broad daylight of British soldier, Charlie Hebdo and the Paris attacks and remember 2015 the results in terms of people killed and raped and otherwise victimized in a non-european immigration have been well known for decades. Even some politicians are becoming aware of what will the future be like. Children are the future and the future is as said one where natives born to native parents are becoming a minority by mid-century.

Children are shaped into adult by peers parents and schools. If their parents are not Swedish. there's no guarantee that they will assume a Swedish identity and respect Sweden's values. Immigrants to Sweden are often not excited about throwing out their old identity and becoming Swedes. In fact Swedes themselves strongly discourage the immigrants from accepting a traditional Sweden identity.

Indeed they even deny that there is such a thing as Sweden identity or insofar as they think it exists they ridicule it because we're just people and all the same.

Sweden is admired for its good schools but it is rarely known that Sweden's secondary education is private to an extent of twice the global average and objectively Sweden schools are failures.

The annual piece of tests rank Sweden at the bottom of OECD Nations. So while academics in the US are still holding up Sweden as a utopia,  American students are actually scoring better than Sweden students. Part of this tendency of failing schools is the business complex.

Sweden has adapted to most far-out radical educational ideas meaning that memorization of facts and respect to the teacher abandoned. Chaos reigns. Don't know you want to believe it...

Chaos mostly hurts the most vulnerable students in need of structure.

Some of these are immigrant children. Another part of the explanation is immigration is ill prepared for, and students are struggling. They are slowing down the education for the Native students.

Also immigration with low aptitude simply bring their low aptitude with them from where they came,

Syrians will score lower than Iranians and higher the Nigerians whether they are in their own home countries or in Sweden.


Swedes want to be the goodness in the world.

They will not talk about this explanation which is nice of them but it also prevents them from taking rational measures.

Therefore despite that is showing the immigrant children are testing worse the natives they think the immigration is good for their school's diversity -  they say it is good for education.

But where is the evidence for this one might ask?

Should not the value of diversity have led to increased test scores?

But no Sweede we'll ask this, despite some of the most diverse schools having to be shut down. The Swedes can't say diversity makes a better school.

It's almost funny the public schools in ordinary charter schools - so called free.

Schools are failing.

Those with money will move their children to expensive private schools and even abroad. This means that Swedes will not share their formative experiences.

This inequality will exacerbate other inequalities and undermine any notion of We the Swedes.

The universities will also be negatively affected in order to give low-performing foreign groups a chance.

The standards for college will have to drop the Institute in affirmative action program discriminating against the native population - attacks many parents have paid for -  the universities will not be spent on their children even when they have more aptitude.

But an immigrant this will lower Sweden's intellectual capital and create resentment and discord are things really going to be this bad.

Yes and it is already pretty bad schools are on fire - hundreds every year costing billions.

Vince in hampton clonus violence there will be school shootings - lots of shootings in general - since the model for immigration is what could be called French.

We will see riots and cars burning - there have already been several - then you will have some terrorist attacks by angry young Muslim men.

...Just as Norway, Sweden has already begun to experience new forms of violence against women - for example group rapes.

Recently a girl was gangraped by some Somali men she later killed herself.

This form of violence was virtually unheard of and some would see it as an acceptable price to pay for whatever benefit non-european immigration is thought to bring.

Things will get much worse for women as both their safety and their rights will be threatened by reactionary immigrants as we've seen.

The French model of allowing immigrants to form parallel societies means that worlds can avoid colliding for a while.

Medieval views on women can therefore coexist with extravagant feminism ... girls are being thrown off of balconies for disobeying the future are key.

Yes this happens frequently in the New Sweden.

Feminists are focusing on the gender wage gap and are imitating the USA's queer and transgender issues.

Sweden feminists have continued to be super radical while also embracing the project of important ultra patriarchal and module ideas from the worst places on earth for women.

This is darkly comical. Radical women defending the importation of people who want to take away their right.

Once the worlds collide it is a question of power and unfortunately a civilized person can't see much to resist a violent bigot.

So there will be concession.

Women in Norway have already begun to color their blonde hair dark to avoid harassment.

Similar concessions and dress and other private behavior will occur in Sweden

In Sweden, bath houses have been gender segregated in order to humor a puritanical immigrant Sensibility.

What is true about women will be true about gays at this point.

Gay people have often lived and gave from the areas of big cities but one day they will be unable to escape from the public attitudes already... in immigration communities pretending to be straight.

Eventually we will see feminists and gay activist react, but at that point at the point where they realize that a resistance irrational immigration policy can be based on a concern for liberal even radical and the gala Therrien values, it will be too late.

They will have to accept that a large portion of Swedes will be anti-women's rights and anti-gay - a collapse and common values that will create stress on an everyday scale important freedoms of your loss.


... The Sweden Jews. Half of all the Jews in Malmö - Sweden's most diverse city - a canary in the multicultural mine - have fled the city. They no longer feel safe.

The culprits are not stupid neo-Nazis of the old type but of the new equally insipid and bigoted. Tthe bigotry against Jews has been largely ignored. Tthe mayor of Malmö blamed Zionists - a perfect example of finding excuses for bad behavior that sets a dangerous precedent.

The result of the failure of ignoring the two laws of God - immigration, the right immigrants and the right number of them - is predictable particularly in combination with the establishments refusal to take responsibility or accept any criticism.

Sweden will finally see some real fascists, both the Islamic kind and the domestic. Iin these radicals will provide raison d'etre for each other in an ever more destructive spiral of violence.

Domestic terrorists here.

Sweden craving in the making and social security will be tightened cameras and schools and trains everywhere as this is a practical matter speeds will excel the police will have increased number and powers the wealthy will by security from private firms there will then be a gun debate similar to the one in the U.S.

Freedoms will have to be taken away from a people were too many are not to be trusted. The people without virtue cannot have rights.

The economy will suffer.  Sweden is doing relatively well at this time at the end of 2015, but it will soon take a serious downturn, mark my words.

The "suits" have no idea just how much of the ability of Sweden to be outstanding rested on its calm monocultural morally cohesive people.

However not all sectors of the economy will suffer those factors of the economy.

Involved in keeping a fragmenting society together like private security will thrive. Certain professions will see a boom.

Prison guards, police, social workers, psychologists, special education teachers, translators, lawyers, and so on.

Money can also be made in real estate.

The good native white areas will see increasing property values of people seeking to hide from the consequences of the flawed immigration policy - if you want to introduce gated communities to Sweden.

Now is the time be the first for a country priding itself on the elements... every man's right to walk through larger properties. Once this happens the spirit of this country is dead.

Sorry, Sweden, your soul just died. Many Swedes will simply leave, speeding up the process.

The greatest losers are ordinary middle-class or working class Swedes. And the old tomorrow will wake up in a foreign land - a place where they are afraid to send their kids to kindergarten school and where hospitals are crowded with... sometimes violent people who may not even speak - [Swedish].

Sweden a place where only those with money can escape the worst effects of national deconstruction. A place where there is a constant vexing litany of crimes in the news and an endless ative and divisive discourse about racism and inequality and similar  phenomena of a failed immigration policy.

Why do Swedes want to expose themselves and their children to be certain troubles? Without this type of immigration there would be no terrorist threat in Sweden - and then of the attendant distrust and police state surveillance.

There would be no gang rapes there would be no burning schools.

No riots no hand grenades exploding in the streets there would be no deep and widespread inequality and alienation.

There would be no hgh strung PC police and thought crimes and no sizable left-wing and right-wing extremism.

There would be no endless repetitive boring public and private discourse on how to deal with immigration related worries.

So why do the Swedes voluntarily and unnecessarily invite to their country at all the troubles that they have so far. escaped?


Why exchange peace and prosperity for fear and inequality? There are five main reasons.

First there has been peace and prosperity for as long as Swedes can remember. Tthis means that they take order for granted. They think peace and cohesion is normal. They don't understand that their trust and open society is rare and that is dependent on a population that shared values and goals to a large enough extent that they can collaborate peacefully.

Swedes taking order for granted - insouciantly seek to remove the common ground that make their free equal and orderly society function.

They have abandoned religion and nationalism and are now mostly held together by the fact that most Swedes are decent rational nice and good rule followers.

They don't understand that countries like Libya, Iraq, and Syria fail to function as anything but authoritarian states because they are ethnically and religiously diverse and lack of proper cohesive patriotism.

Swedes are voluntarily creating a similar fragile and hard to govern society having no idea about the immense value of their hard-won moral and national homogeneity. This is ignorance.

Second they are rationalistic in their world view. Nations religions and races are all just silly old rational notions. This is fine - there's even truth in it, but Swedes at the same time believe that everyone is the same as they are.

Everyone is equal. Everyone simply wants to get a good job.

The Swedes in effect think that they are the measure of all man.

If someone is begging or criminal or a radical or violent then this the Swedes think is a form of illness that they can't be held responsible for.

They really aren't like that - they're just like us.

They just need a hug. It's a form of naivete.

They believe that just because their secular liberal democracies the most rational.

It will also be accepted by all in due time as if barbarians did not overrun Rome and Spartans didn't defeat the Athenians - events the Swedes know literally nothing about.

Third: the goodness complex.

Having failed to defeat Hitler in the Second World War now they want to be the basket by the evil and being good good in the most radical way possible.

They take in more refugees per million inhabitants than any other country in the world and their mind they are humanitarian superpower.

This might seem laughable from a non Sweden point of view, since it suggests that Sweden, a country of nine million, can heal the world by letting in some troubled peoples when there are billions upon billions of troubled people in the world.

Clearly Sweden can its share of good bye being a functioning country a model that other people can learn from to improve themselves and Sweden. To help by having an educated population traveling out in the world to help like many Sweden missionaries do, and by having great inventors and research institutions and businesses, they greatly benefit mankind.

Indeed Sweden can clearly helped many times more people by helping these people where they are rather than helping a few by bringing them to Sweden. But none of this matters.

This is not about reason. It's about being a humanitarian superhero.

It's naivete. It is also humorous: a goodness complex squared with the superiority complex.

All other countries have experienced social problems with immigrants, but this isn't that they are so morally superior that these problems cannot touch them.

Which brings us to the fourth: Swedes are post-Christian both in the sense of being overtly anti-religious at the same time profoundly in the grip of a Christian ethic. Like good Christians they are different about acting in self-interest - sacrificing yourself to serve others is the highest moral good.

Everyone is equal in the eyes of God becomes the secular expression.

Complete internationalism and the denial of any national borders the sacrifice of Christ becomes the ideal - that even if Swedes are harmed in the process, you must help the weak. The original sin becomes the idea that having a rich country means that they have seen somewhere a guilt complex that can be cleansed for taking on all the troubles of the world.

Christianity and post Christianity and Sweden, despite what they think, is one of the best things about Sweden, but it is a liability when applied to immigration policy. Christians and Sweden are some of the most pro-immigration because they want to help. Their motive is so pure and their view of the immigrants so idealized that all dangerous consequences are denied any weight.

Fifth: Swedes are rule followers by nature and have a great respect for the expert.

They have a great fear of not being a team player or being regarded as outside or other meaning that few dare to question the suggestion of the establishment extremely radical project of replacing the native population with a non-european one - that is the prospect of annihilating Sweden.



Was there any hope?

No there is no hope even when the negative effects are in full effect.

Swedes will blame themselves and act like Christians sacrificing themselves.

Also any reaction will be too late remember the fifth reason the main concern of normal Swedes is with fitting in - having the right brand on their clothes and the most fashionable attitudes spending money and some hip bar on the weekends.

There was no intelligent debate in Sweden. It's very primitive. The immigration issue has never been treated as a practical question of how many immigrants and what kind of immigrants most benefit Sweden, but rather as a question of dark versus light, good versus evil.

It's a pseudo religious space of unreason and heterodoxy.

...People lose their jobs and are hung out in the media if the dare to question the moral super power fantasy.

There are also other psychological mechanisms that play. The immigration question animates a rather boring and gray everyday and it is a morally sanctioned release for anger - they get so angry and their anger is sanctified - it is holy anger. Even if they tried to have a more rational discussion they would fail.

For example the ordinary decent Swede still believes that the resistance to a high level of immigration is not based on a grasp of the two principles and immigration; they think it must have to do with loving Adolf Hitler - I kid you not.

The Swedes don't get it and never will for their stuck thinking and obsolete political categories of left and right, fascism and Nazism and so on.

Left liberal educated types are often genuinely nice people who somehow have convinced themselves that they must also embrace a borderless anti nationalism libertarian fantasy, even if it undermined the basis for the freedom and rights they rightly treasure.

They can understand that the resistance to an irresponsible and radical immigration policy can be based on the wish to preserve a free and equal society. They can't grasp that the dangerous radicals are not a bad skin [color]...

...but rather the establishment who want to dismantle the popular basis for a decent society by replacing the native population.

Yes it is darkly comical to see lefties embrace new liberal ideas that destroy the future of the native working class and threatens important progress made for women.

As I said this is not at all a left versus right issue. The left and right have colluded in this national suicide.

Let me explain. First there is no conservative party in Sweden.

The party is calling themselves right wing are really radicals wanting to destroy tradition and communal values in the name of free markets. They are new liberals individualists and anti nationalist - the gala Therrien welfare state symbolic of Sweden is their target.

They won't change not preservation of values during the time the right model...

Globalization means that capital can now find new markets and cheaper labor while the unions in the middle class in their home countries with her - in fact the leader of moderate Erna explicitly stated that he would use immigration as a tool to crush the unions and the welfare state.

The idea is that the welfare state is dependent on high taxation high taxation is dependent on the willingness of people to contribute which is dependent on a trust and solidarity between people and generations of people.

The contract was that we all put in when we work and then we take out when we are retired ... so we'd see each other as in some sense brothers and sisters with a common history or story.

They may be willing to contribute but now the contract is broken.

Swedes are using the capital for immigrants rather than their own old and their own children.

There is no basis for feeling obliged to support such a system.

People will not want to contribute they realize it's everyone for themselves and so neoliberalism has triumphed.

In fact it is made its own model of society and self-seeking atomic individuals come true and the left is aided this project by conceiving of the just society is primarily one where the individuals freedom is guaranteed by having the state underwriting the means to independence. The state provides the money for each citizen.

This way they are free to pursue any lifestyle they want without any reliance on actual people around them.

Ironically the positive rights even enables and encourages a mock rebellious attitude to the state. The state says here's some money, now you don't have to rely on each other but be free individuals.

So the left is again - this is actually hilarious - working tirelessly to realize the new rights new liberal vision of man and society.

They also support a globalization that will crush their unions by outsourcing abroad and cheap imported labor in the white gray and black sectors at home.

In other words the left promotes the kind of isolation and lack of solidarity that in the end makes the welfare state and possible.

Perhaps we shouldn't say that there is absolutely no organized resistance to the madness.

Recently a party has emerged which seeks to reform the levels of immigration to be more on a similar level to those of other European countries.

They are called the piera Democrat Erna Sweden democrats. They are known as anti-immigration. They are not - rather they get the two principles of good immigration and are really just moderate but they are treated as a reincarnation of nsdap they have risen from nothing to become one of the biggest parties.

Still you will admit that they voted for them at a fear of losing their jobs and their friends.

Perhaps they can do some damage control but they can't bring back to Sweden that was once the envy of the world a huge part of why the political and intellectual climate is so dismal, is the media and the establishment the state-run media will take political sides and even release dirt on immigration reforms the day before elections newspapers will secretly hack opposition politician cell phones.

Black-clad leftist storm troopers will violently enforce the establishment agenda with impunity.

Names and facts will be rewritten.

The truth - also information crucial forming opinions - is legally blacked out and protected like names and the ethnicities of convicted criminals.

In fact they would rather risk that people get raped and beaten up then provide fair warnings that include markers that could be interpreted as racist.

Think of  Eastern German thought control. It is enough to express some doubts about the wisdom of the establishments policy and you are labeled a racist and a Nazi there's no sense of reality at all.

Again it is that fixation on notions that belong to fighting Hitler rather than any analyzing the real issues threatening Sweden today.

Some establishment persons will perhaps jump ship and pretend never to have been for the destruction of their country but mostly the trajectory to social collapse will hold steady.

Journalists will double down on their failures and blame every bad thing that happens not immigration policy but on an ever more cartoonish mostly imagined extreme right wing and no objective assessment will ever be approached..

"Not every X is a criminal or terrorist" will be repeated ad nauseam as if this was a legitimate response to thousands of native Swedes lives ruined by those who really are bad and who should not have been allowed into the country.

Of course most immigrants are nice. That's not the issue. The issue is what happens when a small monoculture society left in large numbers of people who do not share their experiences and values, and the answer is it destroys itself. But in any case this is an explanation for some terrible event that you've recently heard about.

It's not a political call to action because at this point there is nothing to be done.

Sweden is now a model country a model of how to destroy the foundations for peace, equality and prosperity.

Sweden the utopia is no more.



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