Videos from the 2014 Writers Workshop in DC

On October 12, 2014, I attended the 37th Social Contract Writers Workshop in Washington, DC. Here are links to selected videos that I edited from the event. You might find them of interest:

KC McAlpin of The Social Contract introduces the 2014 Social Contract Writers Workshop..

The Battle to Stop Driver's Licenses for Illegals in Oregon
by Cynthia Kendoll, Oregonians for Immigration Reform, and Protect Oregon Drivers Licenses.

Vanishing Open Spaces - Population Growth and Sprawl in America
by Anne Manetas, NumbersUSA; Leon Kolankiewicz, Californians for Population Stabilization; and Roy Back, NumbersUSA.

Amnesty, Taking Black Votes for Granted
by Peter Kirsanow, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

The Obama Administration's Injustice Department
by Hans von Spakovsky, Heritage Foundation.

The Real Sources of Income Inequality
by Alan Tonelson, Economist.

Thomas's Flag
by Luis Pozzolo, Naturalized American and Author.