What America will look like in 2050 part 1 - a human flood

At the current rate of immigration legalized by the 1986 Reagan amnesty, we continue on course to add 100 million immigrants from all over the world.  They arrive legally at 1.0 million annually.  They birth 900,000 babies among their numbers annually. (Source: Dr. Steven Camorata, www.cis.org)  With chain migration, that means each “new” American may invite 10 of his or her relatives to join them with “family-reunification.” If the current S744 amnesty bill passes, your US Congress jumped that 1.0 million to 2.0 million legal immigrants annually. 

Does anyone in the United States understand or comprehend what America will look like in 2050 if we continue endless immigration into our country?  Does any leader possess an inkling of the ramifications of adding the projected 100 million immigrants, their kids and chain-migrated relatives?  

Do the math!  Any way you cut it, that means America will experience an avalanche, a human tsunami, or simply the biggest wave of humanity ever to hit our country or any country, ever.  We will grow from our current 316 million to well over 438 million people within 37 years.  The extra 38 million will come from our own “population momentum.”  These figures stem from our country reaching 300 million in October of 2007.  We grow by 3.1 million annually.

What’s it going to look like?  Answer: it will become ugly on multiple levels—environmentally, sociologically, linguistically, culturally, quality of life and downgraded standard of living—for starters. Parts 1 through 5 will cover what we face.

100 million immigrants will equal our adding 20 of our most populated cities.  Think of it: we will add another New York City, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and eight other American cities.

Today in 2013, seven states face shortages: Georgia, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California.  But Georgia will grow from 8.2 million to 16.4 million.  Florida expects to grow from 18 million to 36 million.  For the whopper fact of all, California expects to jump from 38 million to 58 million.

We face watering 100 million more people, housing them, transporting them, warming them, feeding them and finding jobs for them. 

Our cities face resembling present-day Mumbai, India; or Tokyo, Japan; or Paris, France; or Shanghai, China—bursting at the seams with 50 to100 mile traffic jams, people smooched into 200 square foot apartments rising out of the ground like mindless stalagmites. 

Our rivers will run with endless chemicals from industrial, farm, human and acid rain pollution.  Our National Parks will become so crowded that you will be forced to draw a lottery number in order to visit them.

Every last bit of arable land and wilderness will be destroyed by what scientists call “ecological footprint.”  In Ethiopia, it takes .4 (4/10ths) of an acre of land to feed, water and house a person. In the USA, it takes 25.4 acres of land to support one person.  (Source:www.allspecis.org)  

With those 100 million immigrants, we must destroy 2.54 BILLION acres of land.  That, in turn, guarantees accelerating our current 250 species suffering extinction annually in the lower 48 to double that number to 500 annually which will mean 5,000 species a decade suffering extinction at the hands of our encroachment on the natural world.  (Source: Department of Interior, U.S.)

As those enormous human numbers impact the carbon footprint and impact the “water footprint”, we face water predicaments that will become unsolvable and irreversible.  We face water wars, water confrontations, water irrigation problems heretofore never imagined. 

Our giant aquifers like the Ogallala will dry up leaving us with no irrigation of our corn, wheat and hay fields. 

We incorporate a Faustian Bargain in 2013 to reap a Hobson’s Choice in 2050—a scant 37 years from now.

Our quality of life cannot help but degrade into severe limitations as to hunting, fishing, wildlife extermination, energy exhaustion and resource depletion.

How about the environment?  Anybody want to guess how much damage our carbon footprint will wreak havoc on our oceans with acidification and warming of the waters?  My guess: we face annual Hurricane Sandy’s and Katrina’s.  More tornadoes will mow humans down at an accelerating rate.

Let’s talk about energy:  we hit Peak Oil in 2011. We face the last 50 percent of all oil remaining on the planet.  It takes more energy units to pump it and less energy units out of the ground.  Finally, at some point, we will be left with little oil at staggering prices—but a 438 million population to feed.  Of sobering note, the world will have added 3.1 billion humans to feed, to this nightmare extends beyond our borders.

Additionally: I’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg of what we bequeath to our children.

As I sit here with the scientific facts, my own world travels having seen the 12 largest cities on the planet and my own scientific experiences in Antarctica—I am appalled that the American people and our leaders gallop into this added 100 million more immigrants without so much as a shout, whimper or cry.

Our kids will curse our stupidity, arrogance and outright disregard for their futures. My own two U.S. Senators understand what we face because I spent 45 minutes explaining the facts to their staffs, but they voted to add 2.0 million legal immigrants annually to make our fate arrive even faster than 37 years.

My guess: our leaders resemble intellectual lunatics. Our people resemble the dumbest sheep on the planet. 

Finally, why am I one of the few Americans who “sees” this so clearly?  Why aren’t there tens of millions of Americans who “see” and take it to “60 Minutes” ; “Charlie Rose” ; “Today Show” ; “DateLine” ; “Good Morning America” ;  Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams, Wolf Blitzer, Kelly Mygen, Shepard Smith and every other media leader?  Why don’t we demand a national discussion?

If we refuse to act, remain too apathetic to act, or don’t act—the S744 Amnesty Bill will pass and add that 100 million immigrants to this country in a blink of time.  God help our children when they inherit our legacy of 100 million immigrants.