What's it like on the border?

We invite a million immigrants into America every year - more than all other countries combined. In addition, we allow two to three times that number of illegal aliens to sneak across our border, evade capture, and take jobs from American workers. As to why we allow this, we all know by now that illegal immigration provides cheap labor for Republican corporate donors, and it provides cheap votes for the Democrat party. It's a win-win for both parties, but a devastating loss for America and American workers.

I toured the southern Arizona border in 2004 to see first-hand the illegal immigration invasion situation. Writer Frosty Wooldridge joined me on the trip.


Illegal aliens - night vision
Illegal aliens - night vision

It was an experience I will never forget. We spent several days with retired Boarder Patrol and Law Enforcement Officers. We spent a night in the middle of the desert with night vision, looking for groups of illegal aliens. A number of us were sitting together quietly discussing the porous border when suddenly, someone else appeared from nowhere. He was a Border Patrol agent who spent his nights on foot alone in the desert, tracking, "cutting sign" and reporting on groups of illegal aliens.


Illegal alien layup area
Illegal alien layup area

We saw several of the hundreds of layup areas, where large groups of illegal aliens would wait near a highway to be picked up. Typically located along a wash, these layup areas were strewn with trash, backpacks, clothes, and filth, sometimes for a quarter mile. We saw rape trees, where women's undergarments were left hanging in the branches. Rape was part of the price paid to Coyotes for guiding illegal aliens across the border to layup areas.


Illegal aliens on Barnett Ranch
Illegal aliens apprehended on Barnett Ranch
Backpacks of drugs carried by illegal aliens on Barnett Ranch

We spoke with a rancher who routinely apprehended illegal aliens on his border ranch.


American Border Patrol UAV

We interviewed Glenn Spencer, who lives on the border and had developed UAV and ground sensor technology to monitor border crossings. Spencer personally flew over the southern border and mapped how truly porous our border is.



Organ Pipe National Monument - copyright Fred Elbel
Organ Pipe National Monument map
Illegal aliens crossing through public campground - night vision

I arranged a tour with park rangers in Organ Pipe National Monument. They explained that a third of this beautiful, fragile, and once-pristine monument has been closed because of the dangers of routine illegal alien traffic through the park. I had done photography in the park in the past, and I was saddened at the loss and angered that our own government would not enforce our own immigration laws.


Kris Eggle monument

It amazed me that pseudo-environmental groups like the Sierra Club opposed border enforcement, while wholly disregarding the environmental destruction caused by the mass movement of millions of illegal aliens across our fragile, pristine, and beautiful deserts. It turned out that the Sierra Club had received $100 million from David Gelbaum, a wealthy donor who stated "I did tell Carl Pope in 1994 or 1995 that if they ever came out anti-immigration, they would never get a dollar from me."

So if environmental organizations, both political parties, and the U.S. government would not secure the border, who would? The obvious answer was: Americans! In April 2005, I was media liaison for the MinuteMan Project on the Arizona border, where retirees and little old ladies sitting in lawn chairs proved how easy it was to monitor the border. It was a moving experience, where the patriotism and dedication of everyday Americans shone forth.


Illegal aliens carrying backpacks of marijuana into America

Today, the border situation is much worse - and much more dangerous - than it was 15 years ago. No longer do small groups of Coyotes lead illegal aliens into America. Armed Mexican cartels control the integrated flow of people and drugs across the border. Spotters are stationed in mountain observation posts with scopes and radios. Outlaw illegal immigration has become institutionalized.

Today, corporate interests, along with both political parties, push for the eradication of America's borders and the dismantling of America as a nation-state, all for the sake of globalism and unending growth. Even though American women voluntarily achieved replacement-level fertility (2.1 children per woman) in 1972, mass immigration is driving America's population to double within the lifetimes of children born today. That will mean twice the demand for food, water, and petroleum, twice as many cars, roads, hospitals, schools, and prisons. Every city will effectively become twice as large.

Americans of all political persuasions need to stop and ask: what kind of country will we bequeath to our children, and will they forgive us for what we have given them?


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