Winner Take All

The events and pronouncements following the "insurrection" on January 6th have reinforced the conclusions that I formed during the Trump presidency. We are in a civil war, well beyond the stage where productive conversation can be conducted across the divide. Our enemies concur. The Alinsky/Antifa playbook enjoins their thugs not to engage us or parry our reasoned arguments. Their job is to shout us down, block our passage, intimidate us and/or give us the Andy Ngo treatment. Just as their predecessors did on behalf of the German Communist Party in the Weimar Republic.
As is usually the case in life, we don't have the luxury of ordering a la carte. We have to take the bad with the good. We have to back one side—or the other—with the full knowledge that both coalitions contain elements and policy positions which we find unpalatable. Those who refuse to make the repugnant choice are making a choice. The choice to let other people make choices for them.
Aside from truth, diversity of opinions, humour, heterodoxy and nuance, the greatest sacrifice will be long standing friendships. And principles. Until now, I supported liberal values, like the quaint notion that people whose opinions I detest must be accorded the right to express them. But since the Big Tech-red fascist alliance has revealed its true colours, I have been thrust into the world of realpolitik. The real world. The world where it is kill or be killed. The Left has taught me a lesson. The lesson that the great warrior Shaka Zulu taught: "Never leave an enemy behind".
A visiting Cuban psychiatrist offered the same advice at a Christmas dinner that I had attended in 1975. He and his wife—also a psychiatrist—were sent by the Castro government to work at Riverview Mental Hospital in metro Vancouver as part of an exchange. During their stay, they bore witness to the electoral defeat of British Columbia's first democratic socialist (NDP) government earlier that month. He was as dismayed by the result as the rest of us were. But more than that, he was puzzled. "Why did your government resign? Once you take power, NEVER give it up!"
I replied that the first leader of our party, Tommy Douglas, famously said that "Those who take power by the gun must keep power by the gun". The good doctor's reaction was, in so many words, "So what's your problem?" My problem was that in 1975 I was a social democrat with scruples, but now that the angels have changed sides, I find that the social democrats of this generation—New Democrats, Liberals and Greens—have no scruples. The end justifies the means. It is not about policy or principle, it is about power. About CONTROL.
The truth is, these people are not social democrats, but 21st century Communists with velvet gloves who make common cause with big corporations to promote a hybrid state that evades the conventional categories of left and right. They are Orwellians who have booked our destination: A borderless world governed by a global elite who endeavour to control every facet of our life. Where we can go or can’t go, what we read or cannot read, and what medical procedures that we must submit to.
Like the Leninist dictators who characterized their ideology as “scientific socialism”, the contemporary Party of the Left claims to be the party of “science”. That’s right, the people who tell us that gender is a social construct and that someone with XX chromosomes can be a male, or that a face mask that cannot protect you from my COVID breath is magically able to block the passage of my exhaled COVID breath, are the very people who feel qualified to tell us what “the science says”. As if science speaks with a univocal voice.
These are desperate times. They have us down and in a choke hold, and it is their clear aim to destroy us. Not physically, but in every other way. Psyops, Mind Control, blackmail, the denial of essential services, atomization, solitary living, confinement, the whole kit bag. If by some miracle we manage to break the hold and get them down, I am all for ensuring that they never get up again.
Let's see how they fare when they get a dose of their own medicine. Let’s see how they deal with having their you tubes taken down, their books removed, their social media accounts suspended, their Paypal funding withdrawn, their speech engagements cancelled, their articles shadow-banned, and their employment terminated for Wrongthink,
Let’s see how they deal with being doxed and blacklisted and their opinions dismissed as conspiracy theories by people who won’t conduct their own research nor question authority to save their lives. Let’s see how they deal with ostracism. Or seeing their tax dollars conscripted to promote ideas that they abhor. Imagine if the state broadcaster and public school system became the exclusive platform of what they deem as ‘far-right’ ideologues and propagandists. If they lived in such a world I rather think that they would not be so enthusiastic about gun control.
Communism in all of its forms can never again be a Phoenix that rises up from the ashes. Once defeated it must be utterly eradicated and its partisans dispatched, if only metaphorically. They are, as Yuri Bezmenov put it, “ fatally contaminated”. Lost. They cannot be detoxed or re-educated. A good friend is of the same opinion. “What must you do to zombies? You have to blow their heads off. ’ For those of faith and charity who chafe at the thought of such reprisals I can only say this. If it offends your Christian sensibilities, be reminded that you can pray for their souls afterward. And while you are doing that, I will be praying for Senator Joe McCarthy's forgiveness. He was a reckless, loudmouth drunk, but by God he was largely right.
If I have a role to play in this life-or-death contest, my tragedy would be the knowledge that many of the people whose brain matter I would disperse share 49% my opinions. Some of them even share my genes. And a great many people who would fight alongside of me believe things that I resolutely reject. But I must run with the foxes or run with the hare. Ultimately choices come down to moral priorities.
The great majority of people on both sides of this war are not evil. They are, in terms of their personal behaviour and aspirations, virtually indistinguishable. Ordinary people in ordinary circumstances do not merit punishment. But these aren't ordinary circumstances. In a civil war, when liberty itself is at stake, ordinary people who unwittingly enable evil must be rendered speechless, if you know what I mean. Obviously the enemy characterizes the battle in the same terms, but with the roles reversed. Projection has always been their long suit.
In any case, the gloves are off.
They sowed the wind, let them reap the whirlwind.