How To Win The Border Fight In 2 Weeks At No Cost

25 May 2019
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by Fred Elbel

Federale wrote an excellent synopsis of how to stop the illegal alien border invasion: Steve Miller, You Can Win The Border Fight In 2 Weeks At No Cost (May 19, 2019). Here are excerpts from the article:

The Trump Administration has lost control of the border. Despite positive developments that followed his election, the President’s failure to deal with the first Caravan Of Death To America By Demographic Displacement ensured that the zerg rush would only increase, which it did, resulting in the complete failure of today.

The sad part about this Trumpian failure is that there was no need for it. Not at all. While there are many costly measures to stop illegal immigration; build a wall, deploy the military to the border, impose a de facto E-Verify. There are also so no cost options to ending the zerg rush to the border by the caravans from all over the world.

In fact, the border crisis could be ended in two weeks. Let me table top this. The key is Mexico and their dependence on access to the United States for both their poor and rich citizens, as well as the access needed by commerce....

There my dear readers lies the leverage that America has over the Caravaners from all over the world using Mexico as a springboard to illegally enter the United States. And just how can America leverage this to solve the Caravan problem? It lies within the absolute executive authority the President has over the issuance of immigrant (IV) and non-immigrant (NIV) visas and the entry of said holders into the United States.

Here is the two week plan, I’m looking at you Steve Miller, to impose upon Mexico a solution to the Caravaner problem.

Day 1: The President announces via Twitter that he has ordered the Department of State that effective immediately, no visa, immigrant or non-immigrant, will be issued to any Mexican citizen, national, or resident, until further notice....

However, if the Mexican government plays hard ball, then, well, Day 4.

On Day 4, the President will announce that the provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) that allows for Mexican citizens with Official or Diplomatic passports that authorize the entry of their holders without a NIV is suspended indefinitely....

If there is no response by Day 6, then more steps can be taken.

On Day 6 and there is no positive response from Mexico, then the President will announce that the land Ports-of-Entry (POE) on the border with Mexico are closed to Mexican citizens, nationals, or third-country residents, who are not legal permanent residents of the United States. The President must make it clear to the Mexican people that this is a result of the Mexican government’s failure to keep third-country nationals from illegally crossing the border....

Now AMLO will have three days to comply. On Day 13, if the Mexican Black Marias are not rolling to the border with Guatamala with their loads of third-country nationals, then the President will announce that all visas held by Mexican citizens and nationals are cancelled....


Now we are aware that there is an immediate solution to the border crisis, if only the Trump administration would implement it.

So why isn't Trump doing so? Here's a partial explanation: What is Trump doing, what is he not doing, and why?

Another explanation is that DHS has been resisting implementing Trump's national security agenda. Note that he recently ousted the recalcitrant DHS secretaty, so perhaps he intends to bring in a large number of patriotic Americans who are eager to do their job.

And perhaps not just yet. Highly-qualified Kris Kobach still is not part of the administration. The employment status of Kobach might well be viewed as a baramoter of administration seriousness on border enforcement. And yet, troubling appointments are currently being made: Ken Cuccinelli: Another Trump Opponent In At DHS. and Trump WH Nominates 'Anti-Gunner' Chuck Canterbury Jr As Next ATF Director

It's high time for President Trump to fulful his campaign promises - especially now that the loony Left Russia collusion - an attempted coup, not a hoax - has fizzled so dramatically.

Onward, Mr. President!