Letters Of Thanks to President Trump

20 January 2021
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While Selflessly Donating His $400,000 Annual Salary Over Four Years to Various Charities – President Trump Lost $2 Billion in Wealth Saving the Country, Gateway Pundit, February 4, 2021.


Guest Post from a Patriot, posted on Revolver, January 21, 2021:

Dear President Trump,

I still remember watching you descend down that escalator. I glanced over at the TV and there you were, looking so dapper, with your beautiful wife Melania by your side. The two of you gracefully glided down the metal staircase like American royalty. I’ll never forget the steely look of confidence you wore on your face that day. I knew at that moment you’d be our next president.

That escalator ride changed the world.

Now, as I sit here four and half years later I struggle to find the words to properly thank you for all that you’ve done for our country and the American people.

You and your beautiful family have sacrificed so much to Make America Great Again, and I think I speak for everyone in this amazing movement that you created, when I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for working a tireless and sometimes thankless job for free and for sacrificing your own livelihood to serve your country and the American people.

Thank you for fighting for us day after day and taking bullet after bullet for us.

Thank you for waking us up. Many of us have been asleep at the wheel for so many years and didn’t realize how corrupt our political party or our government was. Thank you for exposing the fake news media and the DC Swamp. They’re both so much faker and deeper than any of us imagined.

You put yourself in harms way for us. These globalist monsters will never stop harassing you or hunting you down, and you knew that, yet you still fought tooth and nail for us. Thank you for that, Mr. President.

Thank you for being our champion when no one else would. We’ve spent decades being lied to, cheated, and backstabbed by the people who supposedly work for us, and you were the first “politician” to keep your promises and put our needs first. We can’t thank you enough for doing that. You showed us love and loyalty, and we’ll never forget it.

Thank you for making us laugh. You not only made America Great Again, you made politics fun again. We love your humor, your common-sense observations, and the way you troll the bad guys. Thank you for showing us how to fight back and win, and have fun doing it.

You’ve inspired us to be better people, stronger patriots, and smarter warriors. You’ve shown us that it’s possible to wade into the murky swamp and take on the enemy without ever compromising who you are. Thank you for always staying true to that man who glided down the escalator. You never wavered.

And finally, Mr. President, thank you for creating this amazing, life-changing movement. You’ve united this country in a way that no other president ever has or ever could. You took us by the hand and led us down an unknown but exhilarating path filled with many lessons, victories, and beautiful memories, and we’re forever grateful.

We will carry the MAGA torch that you lit and we’ll continue lighting the way for others.

Thank you for all of this and so much more, President Trump.

We love you.


The Trump Family Was Alone in Washington from the Beginning, Rush Limbaugh, January 18, 2021.


The following article provides a detailed compilation of President Trump's very significant accomplishments:

Thank You, Mr. President, You were magnificent, by John Perazzo, Front Page Mag, January 20, 2021:

President Trump showed Americans what it means to be a courageous and principled leader; to publicly and clearly articulate his principles -- without euphemism or deception -- and then fight for them in the political arena. He reminded us what it is like to have a president who genuinely loves his country, and who cannot be intimidated into submission or silence by his critics. Such individuals are exceedingly rare. Donald Trump was a magnificent president, and there are many millions of us who will always, always understand that.


Four minute video: Donald Trump defied all theories and rules of thumb and it was unbearable for the Deep State, January 9, 2020: The Lion King Hunted Down by Hungry Hyenas:


Ignore Youtube corporate disinformation disclaimer with this video.


From America’s Color Revolution - Pandering to the Establishment Now Ubiquitous, by Paul Craig Roberts, Unz Review, January 7, 2021:

To understand the extraordinary hatred of President Trump by the Establishment, listen to his inaugural address. He described the Establishment accurately as a force arraigned against the American people, a force that he intended to dismantle and restore America to the American people. This was a revolutionary challenge, a reckless one as Trump is a populist, not a revolutionary leading a determined movement. Moreover, Trump was so uninformed about Washington that he never succeeded in appointing anyone to his government, other than General Flynn (an immediate casualty of the Establishment) who agreed with his agenda of normalizing relations with Russia, bringing the troops home from the Middle East, ending NATO, and bringing the jobs home that American corporations had exported to China. Here was Trump unarmed taking on the American Establishment. This was an act of suicide as it has turned out to be.

People who think in terms of party politics have no likelihood of understanding the situation. The struggle is not Democrats vs. Republicans. or red states vs. blue states. It is the Establishment against the people....

Trump's Long Path To The White House Based On Patriotism, Not Power, by Paul Nachman, VDare, October 20, 2016.

The following article bluntly describes President Trump's failure to drain the political swamp. Many of its points are valid, nevertheless Trump deserves an immense amount of credit and appreciation for taking on a near-impossible task.

Sometimes you drain the swamp and sometimes the swamp drains you, by Andrew Korybko, Off Guardian, January 9, 2020.


Trump Administration Accomplishments, The White House, January 2021.

Trump receives Morocco’s highest award for Middle East peace, Geller Report, January 16, 2021.


Trump Did SOME Good Things On Immigration, Washington Watcher II, VDare, January 18, 2021:

... Trump certainly had his flaws and made serious mistakes, particularly on immigration. But compared to his predecessors and his political opponents, he was a breath of fresh air. He made real progress on immigration and dragged the GOP along with him....

... he managed to crush ISIS without starting any new wars. On the crucial issue of immigration, he made significant strides. Immigration overall was reduced in his presidential term. There was a year-over-year decline in the Immigrant Workforce Population for 15 straight months in Trump’s final leg in office, only broken by the start of the Biden Rush in December....

Trump banned travel from dangerous areas of the world. He famously issued the so-called Muslim ban during his first days in office. The ban was later revised to include non-Muslim states such as North Korea, but it still primarily affected Muslim-majority nations such as Sudan and Iran....

Trump’s signature achievement is his temporary immigration moratorium. In response to COVID’s devastation, the president halted most immigration to this country, including H-1bs and other harmful guest worker visas. He recently extended the order past his own tenure....

He broadened the category of deportables compared to Obama and essentially made all illegals subject to removal. He ended catch-and-release policies that allowed for border crossers to be stay in the U.S. while they awaited their verdict ...

The president also invested significant resources into border security, including building more than 400 miles of border wall (80 miles of which were areas previously unguarded)...

[Yet] He pledged to end Birthright Citizenship several times during the 2016 campaign and throughout his presidency. But he never signed the Executive Order that was reportedly drafted for him,...

Donald J. Trump: On the Threshold of Greatness, by Daniel Davies, American Thinker, January 20, 2021:

... I believe that history will record Trump as one of America’s greatest presidents. Looking at America’s most admired presidents, I was able to identify the four criteria needed to earn that accolade:

  • First and foremost, the president led the country through a life and death struggle.
  • Second, the president suffered intense defamation, attack, pernicious plots, and even demonization both domestic and foreign but prevailed.
  • Third, the president defended and supported our Republic’s foundational documents and institutions: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, including all Amendments, especially the Bill of Rights.
  • Fourth, he supported American liberty, prosperity, and social welfare. All the greats promoted the actualization of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights during their presidencies.

Four presidents have met all those criteria: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan....

Despite the constant attack from domestic forces, especially the deep state media, deep state politicians, deep state executive branch departments which falsely accused Trump of racist policies, immorality, graft, collusion with Russia, fascist policies, poor health, and insanity, President Trump presided over the most successful presidency in history, thereby meeting the third and fourth criteria. He

  • defused the North Korean and Iranian nuclear threats,
  • completely defeated the ISIS caliphate,
  • concluded the wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan,
  • renegotiated trade agreements,
  • strengthened NATO,
  • brought energy independence to the USA,
  • presided over the strongest economic recovery in history, especially for minorities,
  • husbanded historic stock market highs,
  • freed businesses from strangling regulations,
  • advanced religious liberty,
  • protected freedom of speech,
  • thwarted illegal immigration,
  • rebuilt the military,
  • kept the promise to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,
  • brokered peace treaties between Israel and former enemies,...
  • protected Second Amendment rights,
  • advanced health insurance reforms, and
  • reformed the VA hospital system.....



President Donald Trump's farewell address to the American people: