The Man Behind The Curtain

21 September 2022
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Janet Levy published an article on American Thinker: George Soros: The Man Behind The Curtain (20 September 2022). While her article is a review of Matt Palumbo’s recent book, The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros, it also succinctly explains how the actions of Soros are deliberately designed to undermine Western democracies. 

Excerpts follow:

Billionaire George Soros is that rare megalomaniac who not only believes he’s a god but revels in behaving like one...

This god complex, combined with his downright amorality and bizarre ideas about society, makes the 92-year-old extremely dangerous to democracies, especially America. The warning comes loud and clear in Matt Palumbo’s recent book, The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros...

Besides hubris and amorality, two major ideas drive Soros. He has a personal theory of ‘reflexivity’ and the philosophy of Karl Popper, his guru at the London School of Economics (LSE)....

 What should worry us is his obsession with implementing Popper’s ideas. In The Open Society and Its Enemies, Popper propounded that no single philosophy possesses the truth, no society is superior to another....

... Soros funded leftist causes like Antifa, and BLM through his Open Society Foundation (OSF), the NGO he set up with $32 billion to spend on disruption. He is the largest donor in American politics, spending billions on political projects in 37 countries through over 50,000 grants. With sociopathic aplomb, he has destabilized and toppled governments, broken currencies, and attacked Western democracies and institutions, all in the name of freedom, rights, and equity....

Soros’s initial projects involved anti-communist activities in Poland, ousting a popularly elected president in Ukraine, and anti-Gorbachev interventions in Russia. The last denied Russians, emerging from 70 years of communism, any chance of economic freedom....

Using his hold on the media, universities, and the White House, Soros has been able to push his ideas on racism; ecology and conservation; welfare for illegals; legalizing drugs; going soft on crime; automatic voter registration; canceling student; housing; and medical debt; and cutting military budgets....

In 2015, Soros began backing state prosecutors who want to dismantle the criminal justice system, portraying it – and America itself – as systemically racist. ...

As he angles to perpetuate his influence beyond the grave, through his son Alexander, his second wife Susan Weber, and other acolytes, free societies worldwide should brace for a long battle.


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