Trump Can Trump The Kritarchs And End The Invasion

4 September 2019

The following excerpts are from the article Yes, Trump Can Trump The Kritarchs And End The Invasion, by A.W. Morgan, VDare, September 4, 2019:

In July, 82,049 illegal aliens, mostly from Central America, marched across our southwest border to bring the total for fiscal 2019 to 862,785 [Southwest Border Migration FY 2019,]. That wasn’t “immigration,” it was an invasion—abetted by an internal Treason Lobby called the Democrat Party. But President Donald J. Trump can stop it if he’s willing to use historic precedent. He must act unilaterally, as Lincoln did: ignore Congress, declare state and local sanctuary officials to be in insurrection, then send more troops to the border, and not just to roll bandages  and handle email for the Border Patrol. The troops would be there to help stop the invasion and turn the “migrants” away. Above all, he must defy the Kritarchy—the term has popularized (to the great dismay of the Ruling Class) for America’s long-mounting epidemic of Leftist legislating judges.

Consider the latest news. In the five months since March, 543,856 illegals have tramped across the border, more than half the total since October. By fiscal year’s end on September 30, a city larger than San Jose, California, population 1,030,1019, will have moved to the United States...

Except that our “new Americans” are nothing like the residents of San Jose (median income $96,662 in 2017, 41.3 percent college-or-better-educated [Quick Facts San Jose,]). They are poverty-stricken, sick and diseased illiterates with flu, lice, Chagas, scabies, mumps, measles, and tuberculosis...

Even worse, border officials release illegal-alien “family units” within 48 hours because they don’t have the facilities to hold them, and the crazy Flores settlement forbids holding illegal-alien children more than 20 days...


Here’s what will stop the invasion:
In a televised address from the Oval Office, Trump must declare the invasion is national emergency and sanctuary officials in insurrection, then assert plenary power over immigration policy. The Executive, he must explain, is a co-equal branch of government over which the Congress and courts have no legal or practical control. As well, Congress conferred the power to control immigration upon the executive.
Then can the undoing of the Kritarchs begin.
  • First, Trump must ignore the Kritarchs and order border authorities to stop accepting all asylum claims, Congress and court orders regardless.
  • Second, he must order the immediate deportation of all illegals in detention facilities and anywhere else they are found and declare the Flores settlement null and void, Congress and court orders regardless.
  • Third, and most importantly, he must order more troops to the border, then arrest Sanctuary City enablers like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (Chicago’s first black and female mayor) Congress and court orders regardless.
Thus must Trump federalize the Guard and arrest and charge sanctuary officials....
When Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus and jailed James Merryman for trying to stop the federal occupation of Baltimore, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney ruled that Lincoln acted unconstitutionally. But Lincoln told him to pound sand. For good measure, by the way, he also locked up the mayor of Baltimore, its city council and police chief, and Frank Key Howard, Francis Scott Key’s grandson....
Message to the Democrats and their new voters:
Invasion over.
Read the complete article: Yes, Trump Can Trump The Kritarchs And End The Invasion, by A.W. Morgan, VDare, September 4, 2019: