Video: Common Misconceptions of Islam

24 June 2024

The Apostate Prophet explains many of the injected common misconceptions of Islam, and how the left helped them take over:



0:00 Apostate Prophet Highlights
1:10 The Lack of Response from the Left
2:55 George Bush's 'Religion of Peace'
7:10 Code Switching
8:10 Koran vs Bible
11:10 Islam 700+ Years in the Past
12:50 Can Compulsory Voting Help
14:10 YouTuber Put A Fatwah on AP
16:55 Peter Boghossian & Befriending Islamists
20:55 How Likely We'll All Die
24:30 Mothin Ali & Jews vs Muslims
29:10 What Happened In Iran
33:10 Nazis & Right-Wing
38:10 Israel, Hamas & Social Media Madness
41:10 Confusion About Jewish Ethnicity in Israel
44:40 It’s Because It's Jews
47:10 Mohammed Said This About Jews
49:55 Racism Issues in Israel & Arab Countries
52:00 Is Israel Committing Genocide?
54:10 Preventing Casualties
58:25 A Heretic Apostate Prophet Admires


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